I think dividend investing might just be my thing

Everybody has a thing.

Some people build things, others fix things, some draw or paint things and some, well, some just sit and look at things.

Some things are cool to some people and totally lame to others and some people are good at things others are absolutely terrible at. No matter what it is, though, if it’s your thing make damn sure it’s worth doing.

I’ve had many “things” over the course of my first 32 years of life – some worthwhile and some just plain worthless. Since the birth of my two boys, almost all my time and energy has gone toward them. Keeping them and the wife happy has been priority numero uno, but, now that one of the little crumb-snatchers is getting ready for kindergarten and the other sleeps more than he’s awake – that and my “day job” as a sports editor is really more of an evening job – I need something to fill my days.

I think I’ve found just the thing.

Dividend Investing

That’s right … dividend investing. Why not? It’s like gardening without the bugs, dirt, shovels and heat. The stocks are the seeds – plant those puppies (i.e. buy a few) and watch them grow.

That’s the hope.

Like any plant, though, some blossom and some wither away to nothing.

That’s the risk.

Risk sucks, especially when it comes to money, but it also adds an element of excitement. I kinda like it, really. I think the inherent volatility of the stock market will help me as long as I stay aware and on top of things. I’m not going to throw money at just any company and the constant stream of income generated from them paying me just to own a piece of their business will make the ups and downs a little easier to swallow. If I’m being honest, my wife can be pretty volatile at times, but I love her to death and, like the stocks, I’m invested for the long haul.

OK, now comes the disclaimer. I’m not a financial guru by any means, so none of what you read on this blog should be taken as gospel. I’m just a regular guy with a regular job looking to set my family up for one heck of a fantastic future. Dividend investing, to me, is the ticket to doing just that.

Why I Started a Dividend Investing Blog

The blog itself is meant to serve a few different purposes. The most obvious is to help me track my investments. I’m going to need a place to organize my thoughts as I develop new strategies. The second, though, is to inspire. I want to show people that anyone with a bit of sense, savvy and determination can make their money work for them in ways they never thought possible. The stock market can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The hardest part, I’ve found, is jumping in.

If nothing else, I expect an interesting journey. Follow along if you’d like. Subscribe and follow me on the various social media platforms. I’m telling you right now, this is going to work out. I started by investing a little more than $2,500 in 21 different companies last month. My next post will outline those companies and why I chose them. From there, I’ll document the good, bad and ugly.

I couldn’t have started any closer to the bottom of the investing totem poll. Until a couple of days ago, I had a portfolio of $0.00 with zero knowledge of the stock market. Now, well, now I have a portfolio of $2,647 with almost zero knowledge of the stock market.

Stay tuned … and thanks for reading.

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