Week at a glance: doubled position in CSCO

Monday (+/-$0.00)

Markets were closed, but the Rose Bowl had more than enough ups and downs for me. As a Big Ten guy, I would’ve liked to see Penn St. pull it out, but damn was that a good game.

Tuesday (+$31.48)

I doubled my position in Cisco by buying three shares for $30.32 apiece. The purchase lowered my cost basis from $30.50 to $30.41.

Don’t laugh … I told you my positions were modest, just a single share in most cases, but you have to start somewhere, right? I made the purchase because I had $100 or so to invest and wanted to scoop up a few more shares before the ex-dividend date, which was Wednesday (1-04-2017). My portfolio is designed to pump out cash year-round. Right now it’s a small amount of cash, but a consistent amount of cash (I receive dividends from about 15 companies each month). When I buy, I try to buy around the ex-dividend date so I can get my hands on the dividends that much quicker — dividends I invest into more shares.

I also received dividends from Wal-Mart ($.50) and Nike ($.18). I own one share of each.

Wednesday (+$22.41)

I received dividends from Kimberly-Clark ($.92). I own one share of KMB.

Thursday (-$3.43)

I received dividends from Dr. Pepper Snapple ($.53). I own one share of DPS.

Friday (+$.55)

I was in the red until TUP dividend came through ($.68).

Here’s a glance at what went down this week:

Starting balance: $4,135.40.

Ending balance: $4,286.41.

Total return for the week was $51.01. I deposited $100, bought 3 shares of CSCO and was paid a total of $2.81 in dividends by five different companies.

Keep marching, kids.