Weekly roundup: All quiet on the dividend front

This past week was a quiet one for my portfolio.

A $50 auto deposit hit my account Monday, as it does at the start of every week, and I immediately put it to work by buying a share of General Motors (GM) for $37.44 Tuesday morning … figured it was a good move on account of the news the company plans on creating a ton of new jobs, 7,000 or so with a $1 billion investment in the US, and launching 18 vehicles in China this year.

I bumped my total number of GM shares to 3 with the purchase. The cost-basis is now $34.93 a share, which is a little more than it was when I had just the two (bought one late last year for $31.27 and another last week for $36.09).

General Motors is currently paying a quarterly dividend of $0.38, so I increased my annual passive income by $1.52, which I’m pretty happy about.

The Dividend Gods didn’t shine on me this week, though … something I’m not as happy about. I didn’t receive a single payment, which is fine, I guess, but not what I’m shooting for. This week should make up for it a bit with dividends coming from CSCO and GE, but I hate going a week without cashing in on at least one dividend payment – I’m building a portfolio designed to push out payments on a super-consistent basis – but it just goes to show my work isn’t quite done.

I’m currently invested in 15 companies that pay dividends in Jan/April/July/Oct, 15 that pay in Feb/May/Aug/Nov and 15 that pay in March/June/Sept/Dec for a total of 45. The 15 payments a month should mean I won’t have any dry weeks, but it just didn’t work out for me this time. I plan on adding more within each of the three schedules in the near future. Maybe 20 different companies in each schedule will get the job done.

Needless to say, not getting a dividend payment isn’t a huge deal now. With such a small stake in most companies, my payments can range from anywhere between a few cents and a couple dollars. The point, though, is to reinvest the dividends as fast as possible so I can supercharge my passive income stream. I like to invest in companies close to their ex-dividend dates, too, so the payment will come that much quicker. I can’t buy shares of companies with the payments I get now, but that will change as my portfolio grows.

Finally, in addition to the $50 deposit, my portfolio enjoyed a 0.63% gain this week (up $27.97) , most of that coming Friday.