Weekly roundup: Trump, Target and a little growth

Stocks have been all over the place as this country and the companies within try, and try might be an overly-opportunistic term – struggle may be more appropriate – to adjust to life with Trump calling the shots.

I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon, either. Eventually, but not soon.

Just look at all the man’s done so far. I honestly don’t know who got the worst writer’s cramp last week: Trump with his conga line of executive orders or Carl, the Philadelphia traffic cop I just made up, with his parking violations?  I’m kidding (kinda), but seriously, these policy changes that have already been put into motion have potentially life-changing ramifications for an untold number of people. Whether or not they’ll lead to more good than bad depends on who you ask as, unfortunately, we all know how divided this country is right now.

OK, that’s probably enough of that. I’m not here to talk politics. It’s hard not to these days, but that’s not what this blog is about.

With that said, and the political nonsense serving as a backdrop, this is what happened with my portfolio last week (week of Jan. 23-27):

For starters, despite the emotional week, my portfolio managed to appreciate $23.69 (.53% gain), not including the $50 auto-deposit that hit my account Monday. I used the money, along with some of the cash already there, to buy a share of Target stock for $64.19. The purchase doubled my stake in the company, increasing my expected annual passive income by $2.40. The two shares make up 2.82% of my portfolio. I bought the first one back in December for $77.02, so I pretty much lowered my average cost by $7, which is something I’m always looking to do. I like all the companies in my portfolio, so, when the share price slumps due to poor sales, low sentiment, etc., I usually consider buying more.

Now, in my far-from-expert opinion, is a good time to pick up Target, too. It’s on sale as the share price has plunged $9.01 or 12.39% over the course of the last month. The holiday season wasn’t a good one for the retail giant, or any retail giant not named Amazon, but I think it’ll bounce back. If nothing else, its dividend seems to be safe as the company has grown its dividend for 49 consecutive years and has a payout ratio under 50%.

I also received a pair of small dividend payments last week – $0.24 from General Electric (1 share) and $1.56 from Cisco (6 shares) – which was nice considering I was shutout the week before.

As is always the case, I had some winners and losers. Some of my top stocks last week included DOW (up $3.87 or 6.74%), ITW (up $5.26 or 4.26%), JPM (up $3.70 or 4.44%), TXN (up $3.23 or 4.32%), IBM (up $7.43 or 4.37%) and MSFT (up $3.09 or 4.93%). Some of my worst included CAH (down $2.44 or 3.25%), VZ (down $2.92 or 5.57%) and CVS (down $3.58 or 4.40%).

I’ll be back next week with another update. in the meantime, thanks for following along.

Oh, and if you’re interested, you can find my weekly update from two weeks ago here.