Portfolio update: slow-n-steady progress

This turned out to be a much better week than I thought it would be.

Coming off a down week, my first of 2017, and the FED’s all-but-certain announcement to raise rates, I figured my portfolio packed with dividend stocks would tumble. After all, higher rates make dividend-paying companies less appealing, right?

Well, the FED did raise rates and, well, my portfolio followed suit. Surprisingly, It was up $86.02 (1.35%) the day of the announcement. I keep hearing words like bubble, crash, overvalued and pullback being thrown around, too, but they haven’t been able to slow down this extended rally we’ve seen … and I’m certainly not going to complain about it.

I’m not going to pretend my portfolio is going to appreciate the way it has the last several months forever, either, but I’m going to enjoy any positive gains I see … and post about them. Any step forward is a step in the right direction. For young, inexperienced investors like myself, it’s important to make steady progress. Obvious ways to maintain momentum include seeing capital gains, making solid, confident purchases and receiving dividend payments. The way I’ve constructed my portfolio makes it easy for one of those three things to happen every single day.

I’m also not going to worry about all the people who say to worry. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know I’m in this thing for the long haul. I’m not investing my life savings, I’m not throwing my hard-earned cash at random companies and I’m going to take the ups and downs of this ride in stride.

Anyway, I digress … the whole point of this post is to update the progress my portfolio made this week.

For starters, I made a couple purchases. I bought single shares of Tupperware and Avery Dennison for $60.59 and $80.32, respectively. I now have two shares of TUP and one of AVY. Combined, the purchases increased my annual dividend income by $4.36 to $246.18.

I was also paid $5.29 in dividends by a combined seven different companies – JNJ ($0.80), FUN ($0.86), MCD ($0.94), HSY ($0.62), IP ($0.46), PRU ($0.75) and DUK ($0.86). I made $8.26 in dividends last week, so my total so far this month is $13.55. I’ve already surpassed last month’s dividend total ($10.86) and I’m still expecting payments from 10 more companies before the calendar hits April.

Listen, when you’re like me – not rich – a slow-n-steady approach is the way to get there … and slow-n-steady progress is exactly what I’ve seen since starting this journey. I know financial freedom isn’t going to walk up and introduce itself to me tomorrow, but I know where to find it.