Another month of progress in the books

If you look at the value of my portfolio, and its change over the course of the last month – down about 1% – you’d think my march toward a $1,000,000 portfolio hit a bit of a roadblock in March.

The fact is, though, I took some steps in the right direction.

Here’s a look at some numbers:

  • I was paid $22.90 in dividends from 22 different companies in March. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but get this: in February I was paid $10.86 from 16 different companies. Again, might not seem like much, but the jump from $10.86 to $22.90 marks a 111% increase in passive income. I don’t expect that type of jump in the future, but do expect monthly increases. I went on a shopping spree in February and, after calculating my projected dividend income for March, realized I had to buy a ton of stocks if I wanted to top that in April. The verdict is still out on if I’ll actually do that or not, but, now that I have an idea as to what I want to accomplish, I’ll plan better in the future.
  • Lockheed Martin paid me the most – $1.82 for my 1 share. My high in February was $1.92 for 3 shares of AbbVie.
  • I deposited $706 into my Robinhood account and added to several positions (bought 4 shares of TD, 4 shares of TGT, 4 shares of CSCO, 3 shares of DOW, 1 share of VFC, 1 share of MKC, 1 share of AVY, 1 share of TUP, 1 share of C and 1 share of EMN.
  • I was paid dividends on 16 of the month’s 31 days.

Those figures don’t paint the entire picture, but they certainly give you an idea. Investing is a process, and you can’t measure success by short-term gains and losses. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m really not all that interested in what my portfolio does from a gains and losses standpoint – I get that it’ll go up and down – I’m far more interested in what’s in it … and how much passive income it’ll produce.

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  • Jeanie Welton Knapp
    2 years ago

    I also have started moving more into dividend stocks. Dividends just make more sense to me.

  • I’m very interested to see how this works put down the long road for you. In theory it makes sense since your money is compounding at such an insane rate but I guess we will have to see.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how it will work out, either. We’ll find out down the road. For now, I must say I enjoy collecting all the dividends … even though they’re small.

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