Thanks for the dividend, Kimberly Clark

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Today was the type of day I hope to have more of in the future … I just sat back, kicked my feet up and waited for the seventh dividend payment in the last four days to hit my account.

The divi came from Kimberly Clark (KMB). I own one share and received $0.97 because of it. The payment was my second from the company; my first came back in January in the amount of $0.92, meaning KMB gave me a 5.4% raise when I wasn’t paying attention.

It probably shouldn’t have been a surprise as the consumer goods giant has been raising its dividend for 44 straight years, but it was … and a pleasant one at that.

Other than that, not much excitement. My portfolio finished up $1.67 (0.03%), so virtually unchanged, and I didn’t make any purchases. I did deposit $10, however, which I think is something I’m going to continue for awhile. I like the idea of daily deposits. I can’t put my finger on why, but I like it. I know a $70 deposit once a week is the same as $10 daily deposits, but the daily deposits seem to motivate me a bit more. I guess it’s similar to the fact I’d rather get small and consistent payments from 100 companies than one bigger and less frequent payment from one.

Top Gainers

My top gainers today included EVA (up 1.99%), WFM (up 1.85%) and UNP (up 1.61%).

Biggest Losers

My biggest losers were SPG (down 2.05%), BIP (down 2.27%) and AAL (down 3.26%).



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