Four days, nine dividends this week

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Today was the type of day I wish I could replicate for the rest of my life … with a few tweaks.

The dividends just keep coming as today’s payment of $1.36 for my two shares of TUP was my ninth this week. This is exactly why I have a 100-company portfolio: so it will be sprinkled with bits of passive income at a ridiculous rate. I see why people question the idea of spreading my positions so thin – most are just a share or two, so my payments are minuscule – but they will grow over time. I’m averaging almost a buck a day in dividends so far this month. That buck will eventually turn into two, though, then 10, then 20, etc.

What makes it even better is the fact my portfolio actually escaped the day with some gains, up $16.42. Again, not a lot, but I’ll take a .25% gain any day of the week.


I managed to continue my streak of daily $10 deposits, which I started this week. That’s four, baby!




Nothing today.

Top Performers

Cardinal Health (up $2.18, 2.71%), Costco (up $3.11, 1.86%) and Whole Foods Market (up $0.56, 1.85%).

Worst Performers

Clorox (down $1.32, 0.98%), Altria (down $0.70, 0.98%), AT&T (down $0.35, 0.85%).



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