Two more dividends to close out the week

Friday, April 7, 2017

 I closed out the week with two more dividend payments, giving me a total of 11 over the course of the last five days. The $0.55 from OMC and $0.47 from MRK (I own a share of each) boosted my weekly total to $6.07. So far I’ve received $6.64 in passive income this month with more than 20 companies scheduled to pay me before the calendar flips to May.


I continued my streak of daily $10 deposits, which I started this week.





Top Performers

Walmart (up $1.55, 2.17%), Raytheon (up $2.49, 1.65%) and Lockheed Martin (up $3.88, 1.45%).

Worst Performers

Enviva Partners (down $0.45, 1.59%), General Motors (down $0.50, 1.47%), Royal Caribbean (down $1.33, 1.34%).

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