A quiet day capped by a dividend

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Today was a pretty quiet one.

My portfolio didn’t do much, but did spit out a dividend: $0.65 for the share of Illinois Tool Works (ITW) I own.

ITW has been a good stock for me. I bought a share last summer (Aug. 24) for $119.52. Since then the value of that one share has swelled to over $132 (up more than 11%). I’ve also earned a combined three dividend payments from the company, all for $0.65.

Today marked the ninth straight trading day I’ve received a dividend. I’ve been paid a combined $7.90 by 14 different companies so far this month … slow but steady progress.

Other stats:




– $2.99 (0.04%)



Top Performers

American Airlines (up $1.61, 3.80%), Deere & Company (up $1.53, 1.40%) and McDonald’s (up $1.46, 1.12%).

Worst Performers

Royal Caribbean (down $2.65, 2.70%), Franklin Resources (down $1.03, 2.45%) and Qualcomm (down $1.20, 2.12%).

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