Finally cracked the $50 mark

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Best Buy, thanks for being a part of my march. They $0.34 dividend payment you sent my way put me over $50 in passive income for the year … my first as an investor.

Every journey needs a starting point and plenty of check points along the way. I consider getting to $50 one of my first milestones. Now I can set my sights on $100.

Other stats:




– $32.87 (0.49%)



Top Performers

Pepsi (up $2.12, 1.89%), Tupperware (up $1.01, 1.59%) and Whole Foods Market (up $0.49, 1.47%).

Worst Performers

Nucor (down $2.71, 4.49%), Qualcomm (down $1.85, 3.33%) and Williams-Sonoma (down $1.34, 2.41%).

2 Responses to “Finally cracked the $50 mark

  • Antonio Maria Rubino
    2 years ago

    Hi there, pretty impressive job so far (not only for the journey you started, but also for the website).

    I am more or less on the same path and ideas, I have invested some of my savings in 3 dividend paying stocks. I would love to get into your strategy a bit more, do you have any particular post in which you specify it?

    Keep up the good work


    • That’s a post I should probably write, huh! I have one, “How to start investing for $50”. That has some info, but doesn’t dive too deep into strategy. Thanks for reading!

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