Thursday, May 18, 2017

OK, so I’ve been sucking at updating my blog lately; like, really dropping the ball big time.

For those of you who care, I apologize.

I do have an excuse – kinda – but the birth of my third son shouldn’t mean I toss portfolio updates to the back burner. I take steps in my march toward a $1,000,000 (of dividend income) every single day, so, instead of nixing the daily updates all together, as I have for the last several weeks, I figured I’d just simplify them. That said, I’ll keep the updates coming, just don’t expect lengthy, well-thought-out posts day in and day out. I have a family and full-time job to juggle. I’ll still have longer, opinionated posts from time to time, just not daily.

Cool? Cool. Thanks for understanding.

Now that that’s taken care of, here’s what happened with my portfolio today:

  • I received a $0.63 dividend payment for the one share of Apple (APPL) I own. Today marked the second time I was paid by the company. Last time, back in February, my one share earned me $0.57. In other words, my position in APPL earned me 10.5% more in divided payments this time than last. Lets hope that continues for a long time to come. The $0.63 payment boosted my May dividend income to $19.45 with a coupe weeks to go.
  • I also made a purchase, picking up a share of At&t (T) for $37.92. I brought my cost-basis down a bit as the stock has slumped recently. I now have six shares at an average cost of $39.99. The position makes up 1.83% of my portfolio ($227.70). The share, and the $1.92 dividend payment that comes with it, bumped my forward annual dividend income to $364.04.

That’s all I have for today, but it’s progress. Thanks for reading. Check back tomorrow for another update.


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  • Undergrad Investing
    2 years ago

    Having a third child is probably one of the better reasons for not posting, Congrats! If I may ask how is it that you are able to buy single shares? In Australia all first buys are required to be $500 min, but i would love to be able to buy smaller amounts here and there.

    • I use Robinhood. Great app! You can buy single shares and it’s commission free. I think they’re launching in Australia at some point

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