Thursday, May 25, 2017

One of the great things about dividend investing is it brings a certain level of certainty to an uncertain practice. As investors, we do all we can to make sure we’re setting ourselves up for future success. That said, no matter what we do – no matter how diligent we are – I think we all realize just about anything can happen when it comes to the stock market.

I don’t know what my portfolio is going to do day in and day out, but, because all my investments are in dividend-paying companies, I can get a pretty good idea as to what kind of dividend income I’ll be receiving each year, month and even day. The companies announce the payments, when they’ll be made and exactly how much, well before they actually dish them out.

That said, I knew I was going to set a new personal record for dividends this month … just didn’t know exactly how far into May it would take. Well, thanks to the combined $2.73 I earned from four different companies, Thursday turned out to be the record-setting day. I was paid $0.65 from RY, $1.38 from PAYX, $0.40 from COF and $0.30 from DFS, payments which brought my May total up to $23.26 … and there’s still a week to go.

I haven’t increased my dividend numbers each month, but it’s been close. I was paid $8.25 in January, $10.86 in February, $22.90 in March, $21.44 in April and now the record $23.26 (and counting) in May.

It’s totally doable, people. Just keep buying stocks and racking up those dividends.


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