Tuesday, May 30, 2017

With the month of May coming to a close, and a personal monthly-dividend record already in my back pocket, every payment I get over the course of the next day or so will help me add to the mark.

Today (May 30), I bumped up my record by $3.07 as I received divided payments from three companies. I’ve now been paid $35.02 this month, up 157% compared to the $21.44 I earned in April.

I have to thank the following companies. I really couldn’t have do it without them.


I received my first-ever payment from American Airlines: $0.10 for the one share I own. Free money is the best kind of money – I’ll take it no matter what the amount – but airlines really have to step up their divi game. I honestly forgot how low the payment was until it hit my account. I bought a share back in February, knowing the yield was less than 1%, but I added it to my portfolio anyway. I didn’t have an airline at the time, so, well, figured I might as well change that. Got to diversify, right? It’s a good thing the payout ratio is low … lots of room to grow.


Bank of Montreal is another company that hasn’t paid me … until now. I have a few Canadian banks in my portfolio and they all have low P/E ratios and high yields, which I like. I’ve heard mumbles about the housing bubble up in the Great White North, but you only live once, right?. BMO paid me $1.30 just for owning two shares. I think I’ll hold onto them and hope this crash doesn’t hit them as hard as people say it will. Maybe it won’t even happen at all.


Enviva Partners is one of my favorite companies. I was paid a $0.54 dividend back in February and, since adding a few shares, earned $1.67 this quarter. EVA’s already-high yield, which is currently hovering around 8%, only got higher when it bumped its divi up to $0.56 a share. Raises are awesome, are they not?


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