Another month, another personal dividend record

Will someone please tell me why I didn’t start dividend investing sooner?

C’mon, guys … what the hell was my problem? I don’t live under a rock, I’m pretty plugged into news and current events and I like money as much as the next guy.

Maybe I didn’t think I had the cash to pull it off. I just don’t know. I don’t make $100,000 a year, not even half that, and, with three crumb snatchers around, most of what I do pocket evaporates before I can do anything with it.

Most, but not all.

I’ve come to realize you don’t have to have a ton of money to invest. My reason for not investing – no money – was actually more of an excuse. When you use commission-free brokerages like Robinhood, you can invest small amounts here and there and, as I’m starting to see, it’ll grow into bigger amounts.

Five months after receiving my first dividend, a $0.50 payment from Wal-Mart on Jan. 3, I’ve earned a total of $101.88. I know that isn’t a huge number, but when you get a bunch of small payments from companies you own a share or two of, which make up most of my portfolio, it can be hard to see the $0.06 and $0.10 dividends here and there adding up to anything substantial.

Considering where I started, having never earned a dividend until this year, $100 is a number I’m pretty excited about. Small amounts really do add up!

It’s not just the amount I’m excited about, either. I’m pretty pumped about the pace at which my dividend income is growing. I was paid a combined $21.44 from 34 different companies in April. Not bad for passive income from a guy who is fairly new to the whole “free money” concept. But, after my final two dividend payments of the month – $1.75 from SPG and $1.66 from UPS – my May total is all the way up to $38.43. The nearly $40 is easily a new monthly record and, more importantly, a 79% increase from the month prior. Now, if I can somehow clip the $40 mark in June or July, I’ll really be stoked.

Investing is all about goals, and mine are pretty basic. Now that I’ve hit $100 in dividend payments, I’m setting my sights on $200. Now that I’ve earned $38 in a month, I’m hoping to get to $40, $50 and then $60.

The best part about the dividends, and the associated records and increases, is I literally haven’t done anything magical to get and grow them. I’m just buying stocks. I try my best to pick good ones and buy them whenever I can. That’s it.

Anyway, here’s who paid me in May:

  • CPB – $0.35
  • TD – $2.20
  • MA – $0.22
  • AAL – $0.10
  • COST – $7.50 (including $7 special dividend)
  • C – $0.16
  • SBUX – $0.25
  • AXP – $0.32
  • YUM – $0.30
  • DFS – $0.30
  • HRL – $0.17
  • LOW – $0.35
  • COF – $0.40
  • RTN – $0.80
  • APPL – $0.63
  • TXN – $0.50
  • DE – $0.60
  • APD – $0.95
  • AMP – $0.83
  • NUE – $0.38
  • CVS – $2.50
  • ABT – $0.27
  • HAS – $0.57
  • CLX – $0.80
  • GIS – $0.48
  • DRI – $0.56
  • BMY – $0.39
  • PAYX – $1.38
  • PG – $0.69
  • WSM – $0.78
  • ABBV – $1.92
  • BMO – $1.30
  • MDC – $0.25
  • RY – $0.65
  • SPG – $1.75
  • VZ – $1.16
  • MMP – $0.87
  • T – $1.47
  • EVA – $1.67
  • UPS – $1.66

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading, guys. I hope you’re having as much fun investing as I am.

Here are some of my prior monthly updates if you’re interested:



5 Responses to “Another month, another personal dividend record

  • Almost feels like anyone can invest and be a hero, right? Well most people can’t. They can’t because they don’t know how to save up that first $1 to invest.

    Congratulations to you for being so disciplined. Enjoy the ride up to $1MM.

  • I do like how you invest even though it is only a share here and a share there. The notes you at least leave about the companies you buy into are interesting. Your method does show that anyone can invest by starting small if you only can do so.

    I starting reading your blog yesterday from the beginning. It is what I do if I come across something interesting. I’d like to see you reach your goal from beginning to end – to get the whole story. I hope you do continue doing what you do even if it ends up as a minimum monthly update post or more frequently as when you make a purchase/sell. We all get busy. Even I am a parent.

    I started a blog late last year just to keep track of what I’m doing – investing and my mortgage/car loan. I’m not one that goes into detail on what I buy or do as it takes a certain type of person to do that. Mine was created mainly for me but anyone is welcome to follow.

    You do a fine job though so keep it up! I’m enjoying this blog. I just wish there was a Robinhood-like service here in Canada. It’s 9.99 per transaction for me at TD. I’ll just have to save up to make the transactions worthwhile.

    Technically, I pretty much started recently even though I’ve invested before and during the 2008 recession. I only made the mistake of getting out at the wrong time. Back then, I was borrowing to invest – not wise. Now, I restarted the TFSA, I’m managing my son’s RESP, and I have my RRSP transferred out of mutual funds to invest. 35k to start investing soon.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The blog is a relatively small operation now, as is the portfolio, but I’m having fun with it. Thanks for reading. It means a lot. So, what are you gonna buy with that $35K

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