Heading into the weekend with 4 fresh dividends

Nothing’s better than taking a peek at your portfolio at the end of a long day and seeing it’s gone up in value … nothing.

Well, nothing except maybe adding a few dividend payments into the mix to boost the value a bit more.

That’s exactly what greeted me after I tucked the kiddos into bed and singed into my account tonight (Friday). My portfolio grew by 0.22% during the course of the day and jumped an extra $3.84 after dividends from four different companies joined the party. The gains aren’t going to allow me to retire tomorrow, but they are steady, which is exactly what I’m after at this point in my march toward a $1,000,000 portfolio.

I’ve now been paid $29.58 in dividends from a combined 35 different companies this month.

Here’s who paid me today:


General Motors hasn’t been the best stock in my portfolio (down about 6% since I opened a position), but it has paid out solid dividends to (almost) make up for it. The yield was at about 4.5% last time I checked. I was paid $1.52 for owning four shares — the same amount I collected last quarter. I received just $0.38 the quarter before that as I’ve since added three shares to my position.


Lockheed Martin has been a solid performer for me, up $12.05 (4.49%) since I purchased a share for $268.59 in April. Today’s $1.82 dividend payment marked my first since the purchase.


I also received my first dividend payment from Waste Management – a little $0.43 boost. Waste Management, in my opinion, is a great stock to own if you have a 30-year horizon. People are always going to need their trash hauled away and, between Waste Management and Republic Services (another company in my portfolio), not too many companies do it.


Daktronics was a different kind of purchase for me … kind of a stretch. Most of the stocks in my portfolio are solid companies with long track records of paying and raising dividends. Daktronics isn’t in the same class but, with a price under $10 a share and a market cap of $427 million, it’s worth checking out for its growth potential alone. The company is all over the place, with its digital boards littered across the country in places like athletic venues and freeways. I know several off the local high schools in my area have Daktronics scoreboards in their stadiums. I only have one share in my portfolio, but it was good enough for a $0.07 dividend.






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