June portfolio update

Portfolio update time, people. Sit back, relax and enjoy all the relevant mumbo jumbo I can think of from June.


I deposited $366.75 over the course of the month. I have no idea how I got to that number, but it’s the number. I made four $50 deposits over the first half of the month or so and, for reasons unknown to all, including myself, I made a $57.75 deposit, another for $79 and a final one for $30 over the course of the last half. At least the $30 deposit was a nice, round number, right?

Anyway, as is always the case with me, I put the money to work immediately. Here’s a list of the stocks I bought:

  • TU (1 share for $34.03)
  • DAKT (1 share for $9.65)
  • FAST (1 share for $42.80)
  • SKT (1 share for $26.30)
  • VZ (3 shares for a combined $136.44 or average cost of $45.48)
  • GE (1 share for $28.47)
  • LAZ (1 share for $45.77)
  • HPQ (1 share for $18)
  • EVA (1 share for $27.44)

TU, DAKT, FAST, SKT and LAZ were the start of new positions while my purchases of VZ, GE, HPQ and EVA added to ones I’ve already established.

All in all, the purchases (TU/$1.97, DAKT/$0.28, FAST/$1.28, SKT/$1.37, VZ/$6.93, GE/$0.96, LAZ/$1.64, HPQ/$0.53 and EVA/$2.22) increased my forward annual dividend income by $17.18.


I was paid $32.84 by a combined 40 different companies in June – a 43.4% increase from the $22.90 I earned by the same handful of stocks in March. The increase had a tiny bit to do with a few dividend hikes, but was powered primarily by purchases made with fresh capital and dividend reinvestment in April and May.

Here’s a list, broken up by date, of the dividends I received:

  • June 1 (CMI/$1.03, PFE/$0.32, GWW/$1.28, INTC/$0.27, GT/$0.10 and F/$0.15)
  • June 2 (BA/$1.42)
  • June 5 (WMT/$0.51)
  • June 7 (VLO/$0.70)
  • June 8 (UL/$0.38, MSFT/$0.39 and AMGN/$1.15)
  • June 9 (XOM/$0.77)
  • June 10 (TGT/$3.60 and IBM/$1.50)
  • June 12 (MMM/$1.18)
  • June 13 (LYB/$0.90 and JNJ/$0.84)
  • June 15 (FUN/$0.86, HD/$0.89, MDP/$0.52, IP/$0.46, HSY/$0.62, PRU/$0.75 and ED/$0.69)
  • June 16 (DUK/$0.86)
  • June 19 (VFC/$1.26 and MCD/$0.94)
  • June 20 (GME/$0.38)
  • June 21 (AVY/$0.45 and QCOM/$0.57)
  • June 23 (DAKT/$0.07, GM/$1.52, WM/$0.43 and LMT/$1.82)
  • June 27 (UNH/$0.75)
  • June 29 (GILD/$0.52 and TROW/$0.57)
  • June 30 (PEP/$0.81 and UNP/$0.61)

I decided I’d start breaking down the dividend payments by day in my blog posts so you can get a feel for just how often they come around. As you can see, I was paid at least some sort of dividend on 18 of the month’s 30 days. At one point, I received a dividend on four straight days … and that was part of a 12-day period in which I was paid a dividend on nine of them.

I know my strategy is a bit out of the box, but I want the dividends to pour in as often as possible in an effort to make the magic of compounding even more magical. I turn around and reinvest the dividends almost as quickly as I earn them. The amounts are all super small now, but imagine where they’ll be in 20-30 years.

That should just about wrap things up for now. How did June treat you? Any new purchases you’re particularly pleased with? New dividend records to brag about? Let me know if you’re feeling frosty.

Also, feel free to check out my last several updates if you’re in the mood.


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