Last dividends of the month

It’s always nice to end on a high note.

July was a pretty decent month for my portfolio. For starters, 40-plus companies rewarded me with dividends as a “thank you” for investing in them. On top of that, I made a handful of purchases that ensured I’d be paid a little more in the future.

Monday was a perfect example as I closed the month with a pair of purchases and another couple dividend payments.


New Residential Investment Corp. 

I scooped up a share of NRZ, a mortgage REIT, for $16.77. The purchase bumped my position up to two shares at an average cost of $16.06. Its been hovering between its 52-week high and lows, but is a bit closer to the high side at the moment.

NRZ isn’t cheap, but I’m cool with buying at the current price.

Good earnings numbers, a yield of 12.47% and P/E ratio under 8 make it hard to pass up no matter the price. The current annualized dividend is $2, so I can expect another $0.50 to come my way every quarter for the foreseeable future.


We all pretty much know what F is all about these days. I bought a share for $11.15 Monday, giving me a new position of two shares at an average cost of $11.80. The stock’s near its 52-week low thanks to significant management shifts and fears car sales have kinda peaked at this point.

Personally, I think Ford will be fine long term. It’s putting tons of money into autonomous cars. That said, whatever the next breed of car may be, Ford will be selling them.

Ford pays a good dividend – $0.15 per quarter for a yield above 5% – which means Monday’s purchase boosted my expected forward annual dividend income by a whopping $.60. Drinks on me, right?

Combined, the two purchases boosted my projected yearly dividend income by $2.60, up to $395.64.


JPM paid me $0.50 and CPB hooked me up with $0.35 … same as I got from the two companies last quarter.

The combined $0.85 brought my July dividend total to $25.46. That’s an 18.75% increase compared to the $21.44 I made in dividend income by the same handful of companies last quarter (April).

The 2017 total, with seven months in the books, is $160.18.

Including the dividends, my portfolio appreciated $27.47 Monday. NRZ (+5.40%), COST (+3.61%) and VLO (+3.61%) were my best performers. TUP (-5.01%), MDP (-4.50%) and MO (-2.39%) were the worst.

That’s all I have for today. Look for a July portfolio update in the next few days. Also, don’t forget to join my email list if you haven’t already. You’ll be notified the second I post something new.

Thanks for marching along.

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