YUM … another dividend

When I added YUM! Brands to my portfolio, I really didn’t have many expectations. I was looking for a company that paid quarterly dividends in February, May, August and November … one that had some potential for growth.

YUM fit the bill.

With a low yield and payout ratio, the dividend, if not the company itself, looked like it had some room to grow. Perfect, I thought. YUM, after all, has been raising its dividends at a decent clip for eight straight years. Annualized over the last three, the dividend has grown more than 11%.

That said, the dividend hasn’t changed since I added YUM to my portfolio back in February. The stock has performed well, though, despite some less than amazing numbers coming from Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – a couple places literally epitomizing the fine-dining experience in America (sarcasm) – it’s up almost 10% since I purchased the share in February.

I wouldn’t buy now, but keep YUM on your radar.

If you’re wondering why I opened this post with a bunch of nonsense about YUM, it’s because it was one of two companies to pay me dividends Friday.


YUM! – YUM hooked me up with a $0.30 dividend for the one share I own. The payment marked the second straight quarter the company sent money my way.

Clorox – My other divided came in the form of an $0.84 payment from CLX. Like YUM, I haven’t had any problems with CLX, which I also added to my portfolio in the form of a single share back in February.

It’s up nearly 6% and, as an added bonus, Friday’s $0.84 payment was a full $0.04 higher than what the company sent my way last quarter … a 5% raise.

I can’t remember the last time I got a 5% raise from my day job.

Friday’s combined $1.14 in dividends brought my August total up to $14.78. I’ve been paid on three of the four days so far this month.

Top Performers

Of the 100-plus companies in my portfolio, Friday’s best were FAST (+2.39%), PRU (+2.10%) and SPG (+1.59%).

Worst Performers

The worst of the worst were UVV (-3.67%), PMT (-3.00%) and GILD (-1.63%).

Bottom Line

My lifetime dividend income grew to $174.96 and my portfolio increased by $35.26.

If you missed yesterday’s post, you can find it here. I also recently posted a portfolio update for July.

Thanks for marching along.

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