Collecting dividends never gets old

Getting dividends absolutely never gets old. I don’t care if you get five, 50 of 500 a year. I get quite a few, and most are for less than a buck, but I still get excited each and every time I see them hit my account.

I was paid four dividends today, one by a company paying me for the very first time and another by one which recently raised its payout.


OKE paid me $0.75 for the one share I own. The payment was my first from the company, which engages in the gathering, processing and transporting of natural gas. I bought my one and only share for $51.98 last month, barely beating the ex-dividend date.

Texas Instruments

TXN sent a cool $0.50 my way all just because I own a share. Monday’s payment marked the third straight quarter the company sent the $0.50 payment my way. I’ve owned my one share since late last year and haven’t regretted it for a second. I’ve actually been waiting for a dip to potentially buy more, but that just hasn’t happened. TXN is up more than 16% since I added it to my Dividend Farm.

Magellan Midstream Partners

MMP paid me an $0.89 dividend for the one share in my portfolio. It was my second payment from MMP since I opened a position, and a full $0.02 more than the last – an $0.87 divi back in May. There’s nothing like getting a raise right off the bat, even if it is just a couple cents.

Air Products and Chemicals

APD padded my dividend total with a $0.95 payment for the one share I own. It was my third time getting a dividend from APD, and the second straight quarter in which that payment was $0.95. The company has a great track record of paying and raising dividends, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. APD has been boosting its dividend for 34 consecutive years, with an annualized growth rate of 7% over the course of the last three.

Today’s combined $3.09 from the four different companies brought my August dividend total to $21.33 and my 2017 total up to $181.51.

March on!

2 Responses to “Collecting dividends never gets old

  • Graham @ reverse the crush
    2 years ago

    I never get tired of receiving my dividends either! I even appreciate the small dividend pay days just as much as my salary pay days. Great job on reaching more than $180 in dividends this year. You’re closing in on $200. Good luck with the rest of the year! I look forward to more updates. 🙂

    • Steady Saver
      2 years ago

      Thanks for following along! One of the reasons I decided to invest the way I do – with an eye on earning super-consistent dividend payments – is because I knew the constant cash flow would keep me motivated … and it has, even though the flow is more of a trickle right now.

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