The reward is in the repetition

Today was my 2nd-straight multi-dividend day

I’m sorry, guys … I really am. I wouldn’t keep pumping out these posts if I didn’t keep getting all these dividends. The repetition is getting ridiculous. The dividends need documented, though, so here we are.

The repetition may make for some somewhat redundant posts (I’m trying to make sure that’s not the case). I hope you don’t mind. I know I don’t, as you can probably imagine. For me, the repetition is the reward.

I earned dividends from seven companies today – two high-yielding REITs that paid me for the first time and a handful of companies with seriously solid dividend track records.

Omega Healthcare Investors

OHI paid me $0.64 for the one share I own. It’s one of the highest-yielding stocks in my Dividend Farm … and one of my more recent additions. That said, today’s payment was my first from the company. OHI honestly wasn’t on my radar until I noticed everyone with a dividend investing blog, Twitter account or Facebook page was singing its praises.


HAS hooked me up with a $0.57 dividend for the one share I own. The company has been a great stock for me since I scooped up a share around last Christmas, not just in terms of dividends, but also appreciation … which I appreciate. It’s gained about 15% since I opened a position and hiked its dividend by a full $0.06 a couple quarters ago.

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers

SKT paid me $0.34 for my single share. It was my first payment from the company and, despite all the negative sentiment swirling around anything even remotely connected to retail – and Tanger isn’t remotely connected … it is retail – I think I’ll see how this thing plays out. I like some of the numbers, like the 20% profit margin, but the high dividend payout ratio (90.73%) and negative earnings per share numbers (-59.21% last quarter verses the same quarter in the prior year) concern me more than a bit. I will probably just stick to owning the one share for now.

Procter & Gamble

PG slipped a $0.69 dividend into my account for the one share I own. I’ve owned it since really early on in my investing journey (last July) and haven’t been disappointed. PG has lived up to its reputation, pumping out reliable dividends and gaining a little appreciation along the way.


HRL paid me $0.17 for the one share I own. I opened a position in the company, which has a sparkling record of paying consistently increasing dividends, back in February. It has dipped about 7% since purchase, so now might be a decent time to add a few more shares and improve my cost-basis a bit.

Abbott Labs

ABT gave me a $0.27 dividend for owning a share. It was my third dividend from the company and second straight for $0.27.


ABBV, which I have three shares of, offered up my biggest dividend of the day, handing me a $1.92 payment. I’ve been pretty happy with the bio-pharmaceutical company, which has appreciated by a little more than 11% (at least my three shares) since purchase. The dividends haven’t been bad, either, with a yield close to 4%.

Today’s combined $4.60 in dividends boosted my August total to $25.93, which is officially $0.47 more than I earned in dividends last month, and my 2017 haul to $186.11.

7 Responses to “The reward is in the repetition

  • Justin Michael Bellear
    2 years ago

    I enjoy the frequent posts and read every single one! Keep it up! Next year I’ll be competing with you. 😎

    • Steady Saver
      2 years ago

      I appreciate the support … and look forward to the competition!

  • Jack Moffatt
    2 years ago

    Hey, I ive in the UK so Robinhood isn’t an option or me, what is your opinion on Trading212 or Plus500 to do a similar thing to what your doing. My current broker charges £11.95 per trade, something which makes this type of stratagey run at a large loss for a very long time.


    • Trading 212 has a commission free share dealing service. 10 deal every month for free, then the commission kicks in. 🙂

    • Steady Saver
      2 years ago

      Jack, unfortunately, without Robinhood or some other commission-free platform I don’t know about, this micro-investing approach is impossible … fees would cripple any gains. Based on the success of Robinhood here in the states, I can’t believe options like It aren’t available other places yet. Hang in there. That could change at any moment.

  • Shawn @ NMI
    2 years ago

    Hey Ben, great blog! I haven’t seen many FIRE people talk about micro-investing, so it’s really interesting to see how it works. In fact, looking at your portfolio has inspired me to start doing it too! I do most of my investing through index funds, but the idea of getting small dividends every three months for the rest of my life sounds pretty appealing too! I just signed up at Robinhood and will probably be making my first purchase today! Keep up the good work!

    • Steady Saver
      2 years ago

      Very happy to hear that! Micro investing with Robinhood has been one of the better decisions I’ve made. I don’t think you’ll regret it one bit. Let me know what you bought when you get a chance … and thanks for following along!

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