Apple and Capital One: my 12th and 13th dividends of the week

This has been quite a week for dividends.

I had a couple more hit my portfolio today, my 12th and 13th of the week, and I didn’t even get a single one yesterday. That’s an average of 3.25 dividends a day through the first four days of the week, people … and I’m expecting at least one more tomorrow.

Today’s two dividends came from Apple and Capital One. I also earned dividends on Monday and Tuesday … and made a purchase on Wednesday.


APPL paid me $0.63 for the one share I own. It was my third dividend from the company this year and second straight for $0.63. The first was a $0.57 payment back in February.

I’ve been wanting to increase my position in Apple for a while now, but the stock just … keeps … rising. You hear people say buy the dips all the time, but where have the dips been for Apple? There have been a few, it dropped today by about 2%, but you know what I’m saying.

I picked up my one and only share for $108.24 and, well, it’s up 46% ($49.78) since. I like to open positions in companies I like as solid long-term investments, even if they’re flirting with 52-week highs … and Apple fit the bill. From there, though, I generally like to add to my positions when the stock price falls a bit; you know, lower my cost basis a bit. Apple hasn’t given me that chance.

Cisco did. It was down 4% after earnings so I bought a few shares for $31.25, raising my position to 15 shares and lowering my cost basis by about $0.50 or so. Apple, though, not so much.

I should probably just buy another share of APPL regardless of the price. I expect big things from the company in the years to come and I’ll be kicking myself if I don’t buy at $160 if the stock balloons to $200. Could you imagine a stock appreciating by $100 in less than a year, but owning just one share? Well, that could be my life if I’m not careful.

Capital One

COF sent me a $0.40 dividend for the one share I own. It was my second payment from the company since opening a position back in April.

The stock has been the anti-Apple in terms of appreciation. It’s pretty much worth the exact same amount now as it was when I bought it, but I like the company as a dividend-growth play. It has a dividend yield close to 2% and an annualized dividend growth rate of 19% over the last three years. It has a super-low payout ratio of just 23%, too, so I like the odds of more increases in the near future.

The combined $1.03 from Apple and Capital One brought my August dividend total up to $26.96 and my 2017 total to $187.14. 

March on!

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