My first payment from Lazard

Ever heard of Lazard? Yeah, me either … until recently.

I was a little light on financials and needed something that paid a quarterly dividend in February, May, August and November. Enter, you guessed it, Lazard.

I honestly hadn’t heard of the company prior to stumbling upon it almost by accident a few months back. It was mentioned in an article I was reading and, well, let’s just say it grabbed my attention.

For starters, its payout schedule was exactly what I was looking for. Don’t freak out, I didn’t open a position strictly based on the payout schedule, but it was the reason I took a deeper dive.

If you’re buying a stock, especially in the financial sector, the financials have to be good, right? Right … and Lazard is solid, or at least appears to be solid based on my rudimentary valuation chops. It hasn’t done much for me since I purchased my share, down a couple bucks or so, but I think that’ll change once the market gets going again. Financials as a whole have been a bit blah lately.

Lazard’s numbers, though, aren’t blah.

The company sports an earnings per share growth of 49.15% (last quarter vs. the same quarter the prior year). That’s getting the job done, folks. LAZ also had a profit margin over 16% last time I checked. In other words, the company has plenty of money coming in and its been able to turn it into even more.

The dividend in pretty appealing, too. Despite a good yield of 3.87%, Lazard still has a payout ratio under 50%. It’s been growing its dividend for the last six years, including a 10% bump last year.

Today’s Dividend

LAZ hooked me up with my first dividend of the week and 33rd of the month on Monday: a small, but much-appreciated $0.41 payment. It was my first time getting paid from the company – a financial advisory and asset management firm – which I picked up a single share of back in June for $45.77

The $0.41 brought my August dividend total to $28.20 and 2017 mark to $188.38.

March on!

2 Responses to “My first payment from Lazard

  • It seems like a great growth stock forsure. Can’t pass up a solid 3.87% yield sporting a 10% increase over last year! Have you checked out WHF. they’ve got a great yield and have been paying it out quarterly since 2012. Unfortunately they’ve just had about a 14% run but it still looks juicy.

    • Steady Saver
      2 years ago

      Haven’t checked it out … but I’m about to. Love those juicy dividends! Thanks for the heads-up.

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