Another step in the right direction

After a one-day dividend dry spell, another couple payments came my way Wednesday.

The combined $0.57 boosted my August dividend income to $28.77 and my 2017 total to $188.95. The numbers are starting to creep up there, which is what my strategy is all about … slow and steady, baby!

I try and deposit something into my account every single week. Whether that something is $20 or $100, I just like to invest something. More is always better than less, but no amount is too small. As a general rule, I just try and throw any extra cash at my portfolio so it can get to work producing more dividends.

You probably know by now, but for you new readers, I buy one share at a time commission-free with Robinhood. Yesterday, for example, I opened a position in Sempra Energy because I didn’t earn any dividends and felt like I needed to do something to keep the momentum going. It works for me.

I call my investing journey my march toward $1,000,000 because investing, in my opinion, is just that. It’s a march. I’m taking steps in the right direction, one at a time, until I hit my goal.

I’ve taken three steps forward this week. Monday saw a dividend come my way, Tuesday’s highlight was the purchase and Wednesday featured the two dividends for a combined $0.57.

Today’s Dividends

M.D.C. Holdings: MDC paid me a $0.25 dividend for the one share I own. It was my second payment from the company. The first, also $0.25, came last quarter.

There’s a lot to like with MDC, a company which builds homes in addition to offering several financial services including mortgages and insurance. The dividend yield is a solid 3.15% and it grew its EPS by 22.18% last quarter vs. the same quarter the previous year. Its payout ratio, about 40%, is pretty low, too.

Fastenal: FAST, which makes its money by selling building materials, passed along a $0.32 dividend, all just for owning one share of the company. My position is still pretty new, so the payment was the first of what I expect will be many from the company.

FAST has raised its dividend, with a yield just over 3%, for each of the last six years.

That’s all for now. March on!

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