Inching closer to a record month

Nothing’s better than breaking records.

Sure, knowing you’re going to get it done before you even do takes a little shine off it, but not much.

Let me explain.

I earned another $3.72 worth of dividend income Tuesday, giving me $36.13 for the month and $196.31 so far this year … my first as a dividend-growth investor. That monthly mark, by the way, is just $2.30 away from the record $38.43 I earned in May. Now, if I didn’t know exactly when dividends would hit my account, and for how much, I’d be sweating out the next couple days anxiously waiting to see if my portfolio would be able to send my dividend income to new heights. One of the great things about dividends, though, is they’re scheduled. Not only are they as passive a form of income as you can get, they’re also dependable.

That said, knowing I have more than $2.30 coming my way in the next two days, I can confidently say August will be a record month for me.


OK, now that I got ahead of myself, let me digress. Here are the two dividends from Tuesday …

Bank of Montreal

I own two shares of BMO worth a combined $143.86 – about 1% of my portfolio. The stock hasn’t appreciated at all, in fact it’s down almost 5% since I added it to my Dividend Farm, but I’m not upset with the dividend at all. The Canadian bank has paid me a couple times; I received $1.30 last quarter and $1.44 this quarter, which marks a 10.7% raise.


I have four shares of EVA in my portfolio and was paid $2.28 because of it. I’ve been steadily adding to my position as I love the fact the company is in the renewable energy business. Selling wood pellets to power generators may not be a sexy business model, but Enviva makes it work. It’s easy on the environment, too.

My first dividend from the company came back in February (I was paid $0.54 for owning one share), the second came in May ($1.67 for three shares) and Tuesday’s was the third.

I don’t load my portfolio up with companies that pay dividends with monster yields – Enviva has a 7.5% yield – but I love the ones I have. They haven’t let me down yet.

Well, that about does it for today. Thanks for reading.

March on!

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