UPS delivered another dividend


You know I don’t write these daily dividend posts to brag, right?

Seriously … right?

Occasionally I feel like it comes off that way, but, honestly, what’s to brag about? Sure, I get paid all the time – 45 times so far this month, at least once on 19 different days thanks to Wednesday’s dividend – but I’m not boasting or anything.

Telling someone to check out my $.50 dividend in a braggadocios sorta way would be like a turtle telling a cheetah to check out how fast it can run. That cheetah wouldn’t give two tortoise turds.

I don’t write these things to brag, I write them because, when I do get to a $1,000,000 portfolio, I want to be able to look back and see how I got there. I want to document all the steps I took an maybe, just maybe, inspire others to invest.

My dividends are coming in so frequently now that I’m pretty much writing daily posts, which is exactly what I was shooting for when I started down this road. On top of that, on days I don’t receive any dividends, I usually try and make a purchase so I can talk about something else. I’m not literally matching toward $1,000,000. Figuratively, though, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Each dividend is a step closer toward my goal. Each purchase is another step and, well, you get the idea.

I took another step Wednesday, receiving my 44th dividend of the month.


UPS paid me a $1.66 dividend for the two shares I own. The payment gave me $37.79 in dividend income so far this month and $197.97 so far this year.

The company has been a solid addition to my portfolio. It’s been raising its dividend each of the last seven years and currently has a yield of almost 3%. Wednesday’s payment marked my third from the company, which also paid me $1.66 in March and May.

I bought my first share last December for $118.76 and another for $109.12 on a dip in late January. My cost basis is $113.94, which is pretty much what the stock is trading for right now. The two shares, worth $229.94, make up 1.67% of my portfolio.

I also earned dividends on Monday and Tuesday.

March on!

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