Walmart will always be special

I almost never go to Walmart.

That doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of the stock, though.

I will always have a place in my heart for Walmart. It was, after all, the first company I ever received a dividend from. It paid me $0.50 back on January 3 (2017) … the day before my birthday. Yup … I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was my first taste of what dividend investing could be. It barely dented my portfolio, which was only a couple hundred dollars at the time, but it showed me that dividend investing was something I, or anyone else, could do. I didn’t care that the payment was next to nothing … I was just happy to get it. I had trouble believing a company would actually pay me money just for investing in it.

I’ve been hooked ever since that first payment.

Now, seven months and $200 worth of dividends later, the company’s most recent payment means just as much … it means I’m sticking to the process.

Today’s Dividend

As you probably guessed by the way I opened this post, today’s dividend came from Walmart. The company is now the first to pay me four quarters worth of dividends. Many more will follow, but the fact Walmart was first makes it special in a sense. The first dividend was the aforementioned $0.50 payment. The next three, including today’s, have been for $0.51.

As much as I’ve talked about the dividends, Walmart has been a pretty good stock for me even without them. Since buying my only share for $68.61 back on Nov. 17 (2016), it has appreciated $11.21 (16.34%) … which I appreciate.

It makes up just 0.58% of my portfolio, but I think that will change in the near future.

With all the hoopla surrounding Amazon these days, Walmart seems like the one retailer in a position to not only weather the storm, but add a little push back of its own. Walmart, thanks to the acquisition of and the recent partnership with Google to bring voice-activated shopping to a home near you, may actually be able to compete with Amazon.

I guess only time will tell.

March on!

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