I love getting paid on the weekend

I didn’t post over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t earn any dividends.

“But you always post about your dividends,” you say. “What gives?”

Those of you who follow my blog know I try to post each and every time I take a step, no matter how small, in my march toward a $1,000,000 portfolio. Steps can be dividends or purchases and, ideally, I add one of the two to my Dividend Farm every day the markets are open, which basically boils down to five times a week.

My posts aren’t always long, but there’s always a point to them; I aim to track my portfolio and get other people who may not invest the way I do, or invest at all, to see there are a ton of different ways to win the game. No one way is right, and my way may not be right for you, but investing can be a life-changing thing for those willing to get started. The first step is the hardest, but every one after that gets you a little closer to your goal, whatever that may be.

My goal is to build a passive income stream. Simply put, that’s it. Maybe I’ll use it to retire early or fund my kids’ college educations. I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to do with the dividend income, but I know I want a $1,000,000 portfolio full of dividend-paying stocks. At an average yield of 4%, a portfolio of that size would spit out $40,000 a year.

That’s what I’m shooting for. My family and I could do a lot of stuff with that kind of free cash.

The dividends would supplement my income in a way no other job or side gig could. It would allow me to build my wealth without spending any time doing it. Once you buy the dividend-paying stock, there is nothing left to do but sit back and wait for them to roll in.

Maybe that’s what I’m after … the flexibility to do what I want when I want to do it. That, honestly, is why I didn’t post about the two dividends I earned over the weekend. I have been trying to unplug as much as possible. With three boys, the oldest in 1st grade, you can image the week days can get pretty crazy around the house. The weekends are crazy, too, but the time I’m able to spend with my family is worth more than any divided .. especially the small dividends I earn. I love blogging about my investing journey, but I guess what I’m trying to say is I have better things to do with my weekend.

That said, let me catch you up …

Today’s – and this weekend’s – dividends

Spending some time away from the market, my blog and social media over the weekend usually isn’t a big deal. The market, for one thing, is closed and I almost never earn dividends on Saturday or Sunday.

This weekend, though, I earned a dividend both days. Earning money is always great, but getting a little piece of the pie when you normally wouldn’t is even sweeter.

I didn’t know I earned anything until I logged into Robinhood this morning. I saw I had, coupled with today’s dividend, $5.99 in cash that I didn’t have when the market closed Friday afternoon.

Here’s why:

IBM: I only have one share if IBM, but it was good enough to earn me $1.50 in dividend income Saturday. This was the second straight quarter the company paid me $1.50/share.

Target: The IBM dividend was nice, but TGT, one of my biggest positions, shelled out an even nicer payment. I have six shares so, at $0.62/share, the company hooked me up with $3.72 on Sunday.

Exxon Mobile: XOM paid me $0.77 for the one share I own Monday. It was my second straight quarter getting paid from the company.

The three dividends boosted my September dividend income to $14.51 and my 2017 mark to $214.28.

4 Responses to “I love getting paid on the weekend

  • Anthony Roch
    2 years ago

    Have you checked out https://dividata.com/dividates it has a list of all upcoming ex-dividend dates. I started using it on the 5th to try it out. Bought 3 stocks and made .51 cents off the 3 I purchased all under $10 a share. This site might help you pull out a few extra wins right out the gate with some upcoming dividends!

    • Steady Saver
      2 years ago

      Hey, man … thanks for the tip. I checked into the site the other day and really like it. There’s some good info on there. Thanks again.

      • Anthony Roch
        2 years ago

        Anytime. I enjoy reading your blog and hope that link helps. Got 2 more dividends coming up now because of it and getting paid today for the first time! 17 cent dividend now and counting!

        • Steady Saver
          2 years ago

          That’s great, bud!! I remember my first dividend payment like it was yesterday. Trust me, no matter the amount, receiving dividends never gets old. Keep it up!

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