A couple payments from dividend royalty

When it comes to dividends, few companies can compare to the two that sent a pair of payments my way Tuesday.

Both have steady yields around 2.5%, both have manageable payout ratios near 50% and both have been raising their dividends for more than 50 years.

Both are near 52-week highs, too … something that’s been just about the norm for as long as I’ve been investing (since last summer). I bought single shares of each because they’re widely regarded as two of the top dividend-paying stocks you’ll find. I wanted them in my portfolio and didn’t care about the price. I’m sad to say I haven’t added to either position, but, well, I just haven’t had any chances to.

Anyway, time to stop being so vague and get to the specifics …

Today’s Dividends

3M: For the third straight quarter, MMM paid me $1.18 for the one share I own.

Know what that means? Yup … it should be raising that dividend pretty soon. Nothing’s guaranteed, of course, but MMM raising its dividend is as close to a guarantee as you’ll find in the stock market. The company has been boosting its dividend for each of the last 58 years, most recently by 8% in 2016.

Johnson & Johnson: JNJ paid me $0.84 for the one share I own. Like MMM, The company’s paid me three times so far this year – the first was for $0.80 and each of the last two were for $0.84.

JNJ is another powerhouse for any portfolio … especially a dividend-growth portfolio. It has a 54-year streak of raising its dividend and I don’t see the streak getting snapped anytime soon.

The dividends alone make the companies great investments. They don’t just provide income … they boost that income every single year. What makes them even better, though – as great as the dividends are – they’ve provided some pretty significant capital appreciation as well.

Johnson and Johnson, in case you were wondering, is up 13% since I added it to my portfolio in November of 2016. And 3M? I bought my share last December and it’s up more than 19% since.

Steady. MMM and JNJ are just plain steady, but if you’ve been investing for any amount of time at all you know that’s not breaking news.

Tuesday’s two dividends ($2.02 worth) raised my September total to $16.53 and my 2017 mark to $216.30.

Top Performers

The three best stocks in my Dividend Farm were PFE (+3.43%), GT (+3.42%) and CVS (+3.36%). I own five shares of CVS – one of the bigger positions in my portfolio – so I’ve been waiting on it to pop for some time. It was nice to see it have a good day for a change.

Overall, it was a good day for stocks as my portfolio grew by $59.79. Including dividends, I’m up $942.48 this year. That’s appreciation I appreciate, my friends.

Worst Performers

Tuesday’s worst performers, at least among the companies I invest in, were BIP (-5.37%), MCD (-3.14%) and ED (-2.14%).

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