Five dividends to close out a solid week

Remember when I was blogging about a $0.17 dividend here and $0.38 dividend there?

I know I do.

It really wasn’t all that long ago. I’m pretty much still doing it – you’ll have that with small one- or two-share positions. But, instead of getting paid a handful of cents from one company every couple of days, I’m starting to bring in multiple payments on consecutive days. My portfolio is starting to do what I designed it to do.

This week, for example, started with Monday’s $5.99 worth of dividends. I snagged another $2.02 in dividend income Tuesday and, after Wednesday’s goose egg, brought home $2.93 Thursday and $3.19 Friday. The combined $14.13 isn’t going to replace a paycheck anytime soon. It’s a passive income trickle that I can totally see turning into a stream, though.

Despite a lack of any real investing experience, and funds to throw into the market, I was convinced I could make the super consistent micro-investing strategy I’ve adopted work for me when I started my march last summer. That said, it was hard to visualize just where I was headed when I was getting a combined $0.54 worth of dividends from two or three companies over the course of a week. Now, though, things really seem to be coming together.

I’ve been paid some sort of dividend by 27 different companies so far this month, including the five that sent something my way Friday. The combined $3.19 in dividend income brought my September haul to $22.65 and my 2017 mark to $222.42.

Friday’s Dividends

International Paper: IP paid me $0.46 for the third straight quarter. I own one share – a share that’s appreciated by 10% since I picked it up back in February.

Cedar Fair: FUN sent $0.86 my way for the third straight quarter. It’s gone pretty much nowhere since I added it to my portfolio, but the dividend and its 5% yield has been consistent.

Consolidated Edison: ED paid me $0.69 for the second straight quarter. I own just one share, which is too bad because, like IP, it’s appreciated by double-digit percentage points.

Meredith: MDP paid me $0.52 for the second straight quarter. I own one share … and it’s dipped by 2.89% since purchase.

Hershey: HSY passed along a $0.66 payment, which was a welcomed increase from the $0.62 it paid me each of the last two quarters. That’s a 6.45% raise for those of you keeping score at home.

That’s all for now. Time to unplug for the next couple days … have a great weekend.

March on!

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