So, this is what living off dividends feels like

I’ve officially made it.

A little over a year’s worth of number crunching and portfolio shuffling and I’m living off my dividends. Thanks for following along, guys. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all the support.

What’s that? You want proof? Fair enough … listen to this.

Thursday was National Cream Filled Doughnut Day. You knew that, right? Naturally, I had to buy a couple. They cost me $1.49. Buying two doughnuts is cool enough by itself. The really cool thing, though, is I could’ve used some of the combined $2.93 in dividend income that came my way to cover the cost.

I say could’ve because I reinvest every dividend I receive almost as soon as I get it. Thursday’s were no exception. The point, though, is the opportunity was there.

Oh, and for those of you who’d argue buying a pair of cream filled doughnuts on National Cream Filled Doughnut Day hardly qualifies as living off dividends, I’d argue you ain’t livin’ until you’ve had a pair pastries from of Schneiders Bakery. Check it out if you ever make your way to Central Ohio.

OK, OK … I’m done messing around. I love the fact I receive, on average, more than one dividend a day. I’m proud of the fact I’ve ballooned my forward annual dividend income from $0 to more than $430 in less than a year’s time, but I’m not delusional. I’m going to need a lot more than I make now to literally live off dividends. $2.93 would’ve gotten me through breakfast, but not much past that.

Fortunately, I get a little bit closer to making the dream of living off dividends a reality every singe day. Thursday’s dividends came from four different companies, getting me a little closer to my goal.

LyondellBasell Industries

I love the dividend LYB dishes out. It paid me $0.90 for the one share I own for the second straight quarter. The specialty chemical company headquartered in London has been growing its dividend for each of the past five years … and at an 18.5% annualized clip over the course of the last three. It has a solid yield of 3.82% and a payout ratio of just 39.96%. I have a feeling more dividend boosts are coming.


I received $0.39 from MSFT for owning one share. Thursday’s payment marked the third straight quarter I received a payment from the tech giant. It’s been raising its dividend for 13 consecutive years, most recently by 14% in 2016, so I’d imagine a raise is coming soon.

Home Depot

HD paid me $0.89 for the one share I own. It was the second dividend I’ve received from the home improvement retailer.


PRU hooked me up with $0.75 for my single share … the third payment from the life insurance company.

This has been a pretty productive week for me. I earned dividends on Monday and Tuesday and bought six shares of AT&T on Wednesday.

March on!

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