Another couple steps added to the march

I added a couple steps to my march Wednesday, earning a combined $1.02 in dividend income from two different companies. The dividends grew my September total to $27.51 and my 2017 total to $227.28.

I also earned dividends on Monday and Tuesday, making today the third straight day this week I earned at least one dividend.

Here’s a look at Wednesday’s two dividends:

Avery Dennison

I earned $0.45 for my one share of Avery Dennison (AVY), a standout in the labeling and packaging industry. It’s jumped more than 23% since I bought it for $80.32 back in March. Wednesday’s payment was my second from the company. The first, which came back in June, was for the same amount.

Avery Dennison has grown its dividend each of the last six years, including a 9.6% raise in 2016. The yield is lowish (1.82%), but so is the payout ratio (42.25%) … meaning the potential for dividend growth is pretty good.


Like Avery Dennison, I own one share of Qualcomm (QCOM) – a share which earned me a $0.57 dividend Wednesday. Unlike AVY, though, it’s done next to nothing in terms of appreciation since I added it to my portfolio. The company, which develops and designs telecommunications products and services (semiconductors), has paid me three times so far. The first was a $0.53 payment in March while the last two have been for the current quarterly amount.

I like QCOM for several reasons right now. It’s trading, as it has been for quite some time, near its 52-week low of $48.92. Don’t get me wrong, it’s earned the share price it has as earnings per share sank more than 40% last quarter verses the same quarter in 2016. Still, QCOM is consistently beating Wall Street estimates and has been steadily boosting its dividend.

Qualcomm’s raised its dividend each of the last six years, including an 11% boost in 2016. As for the yield, thanks in part to the dip in share price, it’s sitting at a juicy 4.36%.

It looks like I’ll be earning another two dividends tomorrow, so I guess I’ll talk to you in a day or so. Until then, march on!

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