How I earned $0.07 per hour this week

This week, thanks to Friday’s three dividends, was exactly the type of stretch I pictured when I started building a portfolio loaded with dividend paying companies.

Five days, 11 dividend payments … with at least one payment per day.

My portfolio pumped out $3.77 in total dividend income Friday. Couple that with the $0.45 from Thursday, the $1.02 from Wednesday, Tuesday’s $0.75 and another $3.09 from Monday and I hauled in $9.08 in dividend income this week alone. You know how much that equates to per hour? I’ll tell you: just more than $0.07 (5 days x 24 hours = 120 hours … $9.08 / 120 hours = $0.0756).

Interesting way of looking at things, I know, but it’s kind of cool to picture my money literally working around the clock. I think I’m going to start adding a section detailing hourly income to my monthly portfolio updates. I’d be curious to see how that grows over time.

Anyway, back to this week … I know the total isn’t much – less than I make in an hour at my day job – but it’s something to build on. It’s something I hope those of you reading this can totally see yourself earning in a week … if you don’t already have a solid strategy of your own.

Here are Friday’s dividends …


Lockheed (LMT) paid me $1.82 for the one share I own. The defense company has been on fire pretty much since I purchased it in April, up nearly $40 (14.77%).

General Motors

General Motors (GM) passed along a $0.38 per share dividend, with my four shares earning me a combined $1.52. Like Lockheed, GM has been on a bit of a tear here recently, up 13.78% in the last month. I’m still waiting on a dividend increase as the $1.52 is the same amount I’ve been paid for three straight quarters, but I’m happy with the current 3.89% dividend yield, that’s for sure.

Waste Management

Waste Management (WM) paid me a $0.43 dividend for the one share I own.

That’s all for now.

Have a great weekend.

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