Another productive week in the books

Looking back on it, I’m pretty happy about the week that was.

I wrote a blog post about the inspiration behind my Dividend Farm Monday. I didn’t receive any dividends or buy a stock that day, so figured it would be a good way to spend the time I typically allocate to blogging. I’d say it was a success, too, as it’s averaged 125 views a day since then. I know that’s not a ton, but it’s pretty decent for this blog.

Tuesday and Wednesday featured a pair of purchases. I scooped up a share of Colgate (CL) for $73.02 and bought three shares of Tanger (SKT) for a combined $74.22. The Colgate purchase boosted my forward annual dividend income by $1.60 and the Tanger transaction bumped my income up by another $4.11. In other words, I bulked up my passive income stream by $5.71 this week alone.

If I could maintain a pace like that, I’d be earning another $296.92 in yearly dividend income a year from now ($5.71 x 52 weeks in a year = $296.92). Anything’s possible, right? It honestly seems pretty doable.

Finally, I got back to earning dividends Thursday and Friday (today). Thursday’s included a combined $1.09 from a pair of different companies. Friday’s, well, this is what came my way Friday …


Pepsi (PEP) passed along an $0.81 dividend for the one share I own. It was my third payment from the company so far this year. The first was for $0.75 back in March while the last two have been for the current quarterly amount.

Union Pacific

Union Pacific paid me $0.61 for the one share in my Dividend Farm. Like Pepsi, It was Union Pacific’s third payment so far this year, all for $0.61.

The week that was

So, like I said, not a bad week for me. I earned $2.51 in dividend income from a combined four different companies and increased my forward annual dividend income by $5.71 – small steps in the right direction.

How was your week?

March on!

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