A barrage of dividends to start the month

Two days into October and I’ve already collected nine dividend payments. Yeah … nine dividends.

Sure, they don’t even add up to $7 when you combined them all, but free money is free money. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: no dividend is too small. They all add up in the end and, reinvested over and over and over again, will add up to a pretty substantial sum over the long run.

The $6.08 doesn’t seem like much because it isn’t much. It looks a whole lot better, though, when you consider I earned a whopping $8.25 the entire month of January – my first as a dividend growth investor.

Here’s where the cash has come from so far this month …

Today’s (and Yesterday’s) Dividends

Automatic Data Processing

ADP was the first to send a dividend my way this month, passing along a $0.57 payment on Sunday. It was my third payment from the company, which makes up 0.75% of my portfolio.

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners

BIP was one of eight companies to pass along a dividend Monday, rewarding me with a $0.43 payment for owning one share of the company.

Eastman Chemical

EMN paid me $0.51 for the one share I own. It’s been a pretty solid addition to my Dividend Farm so far, up 17% since I opened a position back in March.


I received a $0.37 dividend payment from KO. I bought a share of the company for the dividend, not expecting much growth at all, but it’s actually appreciated more than 9% since February.

H & R Block

HRB paid me $0.24 for owning one share of the company. It was my first payment from tax specialist.

Genuine Parts

I earned $0.68 from GPC for owning one share. It was my second payment from the company.


COH passed along a $0.34 dividend, my second payment from the company.


NKE paid me $0.18 for owning one share.

Dow Chemical

DOW, which is now DWDP after merging with DuPont, hooked me up with a $2.76 dividend payment. I owned six shares but, well, the new company hasn’t announced a dividend since the merger so I sold my DOW position and put the money to work elsewhere. It was an addition by subtraction sort of thing.

That’s all for now.

March on!

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