More dividends from Tupperware, DPS

Five days into October and I still haven’t gone a day without earning at least one dividend.

I think this is probably the best start to a month I’ve ever had and, according to the history tab on my Robinhood app, it will last one more day.

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, though. Here’s a look at Thursday’s two dividends, my 14th and 15th of the month …


Tupperware (TUP) passed along a combined $1.36 for the two shares I own ($0.68/share). I picked up my first for $60.57 back in February and doubled my position with a another purchase for almost the exact same amount ($60.59) in March. Today, Tupperware is trading at $61.38.

As you can see, TUP has gone literally nowhere since I added it to my portfolio. It made it up past $70 at one point over the summer, but has given up pretty much all the gains since. One thing it has done for the eight-plus months I’ve had it in my Dividend Farm, though, is shell out dividends.

Tupperware has an annualized dividend of $2.72, which equates to a juicy 4.41% yield. The payout ratio is high (88%), and it’s been passing along the same $0.68 quarterly dividend since 2014, which means, like the share price, growth is non-existent. Still, though, I’m happy to keep it in my portfolio as an income producer for now.

Dr. Pepper Snapple

Dr. Pepper Snapple (DPS) dished out a $0.58 quarterly dividend today. I own just one share, so that’s what I got.

DPS’s dividend isn’t quite as strong as TUP’s right now, with its $2.32 annualized dividend representing a 2.65% yield, but it’s in a much better position to grow that dividend. DPS, which has been boosting its payment for each of the last seven years, including an 11.9% bump in 2016, has a payout ratio of just 55%.

The company’s earnings per share have dipped a bit, but couple the manageable payout ratio with the 10% profit margin the company currently enjoys and you have what looks to be a sustainable dividend with room to grown.

March on!


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