October portfolio update

I was paid $38.27 in dividend income from a combined 44 different companies spread out across 19 of the month’s 31 days.

Yup … that pretty much sums up my Dividend Farm’s October.

The highlight came just a couple days ago, Oct. 27, when I received a single-day record $10.64. You can read about that here. Almost all of it came from one company, New Residential Investment Corp. (NRZ). I boosted my position big time thanks to an addition-by-subtraction transaction I’m pretty pleased with. I don’t mess with my portfolio much, other than adding to it, but I made an exception, which you can read about here, just this once.

Here’s a rundown of the specifics – the dividends and the purchases – from October.

October’s Dividends

  • Oct. 1: $0.57 for 1 share of ADP.
  • Oct. 2: $0.43 for 1 share of BIP, $0.51 for 1 share of EMN, $0.37 for 1 share of KO, $0.24 for 1 share of HRB, $0.68 for 1 share of GPC, $0.34 for 1 share of COH, $0.18 for 1 share of NKE and $2.76 for 6 shares of DOW.
  • Oct. 3: $0.39 for 1 share of TU and $0.97 for 1 share of KMB.
  • Oct. 4: $0.27 for 2 shares of HPQ.
  • Oct. 5: $1.36 for 2 shares of TUP and $0.58 for 1 share of DPS.
  • Oct. 6: $0.47 for 1 share of MRK.
  • Oct. 9: $0.07 for 1 share of HPE.
  • Oct. 10: $0.78 for 1 share of ITW, $1.10 for 2 shares of OMC, $0.34 for 1 share of BBY and $0.66 for 1 share of MO.
  • Oct. 12: $0.60 for 1 share of RCL.
  • Oct. 13: $0.20 for 1 share of BEN and $0.36 for 1 share of LEG.
  • Oct. 15: $0.92 for 2 shares of CAH and $0.82 for 1 share of SRE.
  • Oct. 16: $1.01 for 1 share of WPC, $0.35 for 1 share of RSG, $0.16 for 1 share of FITB, $0.34 for 1 share of POR, $0.50 for 1 share of CINF and $0.83 for 1 share of DTE.
  • Oct. 18: $0.45 for 1 share of DGX.
  • Oct. 23: $0.46 for 1 share of MDT.
  • Oct. 24: $0.94 for 2 shares of MKC.
  • Oct. 25: $4.35 for 15 shares of CSCO, $0.16 for 1 share of CMCSA, $0.23 for 1 share of GPS and $0.72 for 3 shares of GE.
  • Oct. 27: $0.31 for 1 share of FL, $0.33 for 1 share of SYY and $10.00 for 20 shares of NRZ.
  • Oct. 30: $0.35 for 1 share of CPB.
  • Oct. 31: $0.25 for 1 share of XRX and $0.56 for 1 share of JPM.

October’s Purchases

I made a handful of purchases this month – purchases which, I’m happy to report, helped me meet my monthly goal of boosting my forward annual dividend income by at least $10.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Oct. 9: 1 share of KR for $20.22.
  • Oct. 11: 1 share of KR for $21.48.
  • Oct. 12: 1 share of AYR for $23.96.
  • Oct. 27: 1 share of CVS for $68.82.
  • Oct. 30: 1 share of IBM for $153.96.

I bought Kroger and Aircastle as new positions, ballooning my collection of March/June/September/December quarterly dividend payers from 43 to 45. Aircastle, which dishes out an annualized dividend of $1.04, has a yield of 4.49%. Kroger, meanwhile, has a 2.43% yield thanks to its $0.50 annualized dividend.

I bough the share of CVS when the price slipped more than 5% on rumors of the Aetna buyout. The move, while it would straddle the company with some serious debt initially, seems like it would be a good one in the long run … and I always, and I mean always, invest for the long run.

The IBM buy, finally, was a pure and simple cost-basis play. I had one share prior to the purchase, which I picked up awhile ago for more than $170. Doubling my position with another share for just over $150 lowered my cost basis considerably. I also like the company’s odds to transform the business to more of a cloud computing/blockchain player. IBM has morphed its model successfully in the past. I don’t see any reason why it won’t be able to do it again.

Thanks to IBM’s $6 annualized dividend, coupled with the $2 from CVS, the $1 from the two shares of Kroger and the $1.06 from Aircastle, I reached my goal, barely, by adding $10.04 in forward annual dividend income this month.


I bought a share of Cisco (CSCO) for $34.19 with my October dividend income. Cisco has been a favorite of mine for some time. I now have 16 shares worth a combined $545.76 (3.69% of my portfolio).

Coupled with my last three months of DIY DRIPs (something I started in July), I have a basket of stocks worth a combined $119.29 that shells out $4.70 in annual dividend payments. As I continue to track my DIY dividend-reinvestment plan, I’ll really be able to see the power of compound interest.

If you’ve missed my last several portfolio updates, here are a few to peruse if the mood strikes you:

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Thanks for reading, guys. Have a great November and, as always, march on!

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