Today’s dividends: combined $3.85 from 5 different companies

“To grow your wealth to a secure and comfortable retirement, you should invest in individual stocks in companies that dominate their industries and have a long history of high dividend growth.”

Roxann Klugman

While I haven’t read Roxann Klugman’s book (The Dividend Growth Investment Strategy: How to Keep Your Retirement Income Doubling Every Five Years), I have to admit … she seems like a pretty smart woman. 

I say that because, well, I agree with her. When I started my March toward a $1,000,000 portfolio, I had no idea how I was going to get there.

Now I do … and it’s by investing in the type of companies Klugman’s referring to in her quote. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, 3M and UnitedHeathcare. All three are giants in their respective industries – JNJ is a major player in the pharmaceutical space, 3M is an industrial behemoth and UNH is a dominant figure in health care –  and all three have great dividend track records.

All three were nice enough to pay me dividends today, too.

Today’s Dividends

Johnson & Johnson: JNJ passed along an $0.84 dividend for the one share I own. It’s been a good stock for me since I opened a position last November. The share price has jumped nearly $30 (23%) and the company offered up a dividend raise, boosting its payout from $0.80 to the current amount a few quarters ago. As for that dividend, JNJ has been committed to it for a long, long time. How committed? Well, it’s raised it for 54 consecutive years.

3M: Did someone say dividend raise? As if Johnson & Johnson’s track record wasn’t good enough, MMM’s is even better. The company’s raised its dividend for 58 straight years. Today, it paid me a $1.18 dividend for the one share I own – a share I picked up for $175.95 a year ago. Since then, that share has jumped more than $60 (35%). Can’t argue with that.

UnitedHealthcare: Like MMM, UNH has had a monster year. I bought my one share in February and it’s up about $60. All the while it’s dished out a growing quarterly dividend. The last time UNH boosted its dividend, back in June, it raised it from $0.63/share to today’s rate of $0.75/share. That’s a 19% raise, people!

See … looks like good ol’ Roxann knows what the heck she’s talking about. I also received dividends from Valero (VLO) and Gamestop (GME) for respective amounts of $0.70 and $0.38. Neither have the pedigree of the three companies I already mentioned, but both have pretty nice yields to make owning them worthwhile.

I hauled in a combined $3.85 from the five different companies today, boosting my December dividend income to $19.28 and my 2017 mark to $336.83.

Today was also the sixth straight day I received at least one dividend. Since my last post (Thursday’s bit about the $0.35 Discover sent my way), I collected $1.15 from Amgen and $0.30 from Yum! Brands on Friday, $3 from IBM on Saturday, $3.72 from Target on Sunday and $0.77 from Exxon Monday.

March on!

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