Small steps starting to add up


If I haven’t already made it painfully obvious that small steps can lead to big gains, well, I guess I haven’t accomplished what I set out to do when I started this blog.

No worries, though … I came up with a new graphic (yeah, the one at the top of this post) to help me drill that very point into your heads just a little further.

Listen, people: I had next to nothing in my Robinhood account when this year started. Now I have more than 15,000 reasons to keep marching on.

I didn’t deposit $15,000 all at once, of course. It took 12 long months to get to this point, and a hefty tax return ($5,500) to give me a jump start, but, thanks to consistent deposits, a boat load of small but super-consistent dividends and almost $2,000 worth of appreciation, here I am.

I’ve had good days and I’ve had bad days – made good investments and some I guess I’m not quite as proud of – but they’ve all had a hand in my march. Today was an example of a good day. I didn’t make any purchases, and haven’t for awhile now that I think about it, but my portfolio jumped by more than $90 and I earned a trio of dividends to put me even deeper into the green.

Today’s Dividends


V.F. Corporation

VFC passed along a $1.38 divided for the three shares I own – a full $0.12 more than the company sent my way last quarter. VFC, as it turns out, boosted its quarterly dividend from $0.42/share to $0.46/share … a 9.5% raise. I honestly had no idea, but seeing today’s dividend hit my account wasn’t a bad way to find out.


I received a $0.28 dividend from AYR. It was my first payment from the company, which leases, finances, sells and manages an ever-growing fleet of commercial flight equipment.

Duke Energy

DUK hooked me up with an $0.89 dividend for the one share I own. The stock has been a good one for me because it’s dished out a dividend which yields around 4% while appreciating by 17% or so over the course of the last year. I’ll take those numbers all day long.

March on!

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