Today’s dividends: Cardinal Health, DTE and Sempra Energy

The market may have been closed today, but that didn’t stop my portfolio from taking a few tiny strides toward my $1,000,000 goal.

This MLK Day, three dividends for a combined $2.62 came my way. The trio bumped my 2018 total to $15.37. Nothing special, but as I said in a recent post, that number is already almost twice what my January dividend total from 2017 turned out to be. The fact we’re only halfway into the month makes it even sweeter. I’ve already been paid by 23 companies and expect to earn a little somethin’ from about 23 more before the calendar flips to February.

Here’s where today’s dividends came from:

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health (CAH) passed along a combined $0.92 for the two shares I own. The stock has been up and down since I picked up my first share for $71.31 back in November of 2016. I added another for $65.91 when it dipped a bit back in August.

Overall, the two shares make up 0.93% of my portfolio. They come complete with a cost-basis of $68.61 and, while the stock itself hasn’t done much, I’m pretty happy with the dividend … the $1.85 annualized payment is complemented by a decent 2.59% yield and manageable 53.77% payout ratio.

The dividend’s not bad. Unfortunately, though, it’s pretty much the only thing I can complement. Cardinal Health’s EPS dipped 62.50% last quarter verses the same quarter from the previous year. That’s a substantial drop. On top of that, Its profit margin is a pretty pathetic 0.35%. Don’t get me wrong … I’m not selling anytime soon, but I’m probably not buying anytime soon, either.

DTE Energy

DTE Energy (DTE) paid me $0.88 for the one share I own. The dividend was a full $0.05 more than the previous three the energy company sent in my direction since I scooped up a share for $98.40 almost a year ago. According to my calculations, the $0.05 boost equates to somewhere in the neighborhood of a 3.5% raise.

Now probably isn’t the best time to buy DTE – utilities and other high-debt companies have been sinking as multiple rate hikes are expected before the year comes to a close – but I do like the company. The $3.53 annualized dividend represents a 3.40% yield at today’s prices. The company’s raised its dividend for six straight years and has a payout ratio just over 60%.

Sempra Energy

Sempra (SRE) has been taking a beating of late, down more than 7% in the last month, but at least it handed me a decent dividend payment today. I received $0.82 for the one share I own – my second quarterly dividend since I opened a one-share position for $117.99 in August.

March on!

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