Today’s dividend: Medtronic

I made a New Year’s resolution a few years back, but didn’t do a very good job of keeping it. Basically, I decided I was going to run for 30 minutes every single day.

I think I ran once.

This year, I thought it would be nice to build my portfolio a little bit each and every day the market was open through one of two ways. The easy, complete-passive way would be through dividends. Those of you who have been following my march toward a $1,000,000 portfolio know I receive a ton of dividends. By a ton I mean between 40 and 50 each and every month. They’re spread out, so I’d say I usually get at least one on well more than half the days the market’s open.

The other way I figured I could add to my Dividend Farm, on the days dividends don’t come my way, would be to make purchases. You know, add to existing positions or even open a few new ones. I’m a firm believer in taking small steps to make some seriously significant strides over the long run. By aiming for a dividend or purchase each day the market’s open, I’d imagine my portfolio will be in a significantly different place at the end of the year.

That said, I haven’t come close to doing that yet. Including today’s small payment, I’ve received $18.38 worth of dividends from 32 companies so far this year … I just haven’t blogged about all of them. I’ve also made a handful of purchases, but, well, haven’t been on top of blogging about them, either.

From now on, though, I plan on trying my absolute best to stick to my already broken New Year’s resolution and contribute something to my portfolio and blog every day the market’s open. I’m not going to worry about word counts or anything like that – I’d rather a short post when I’m short on time than no post at all.

Sound good? Now you guys won’t miss anything and I’ll have a better feel for what’s going on in my portfolio. I want to live of my dividends one day and, well, I won’t be able to do that making $355.63 (my 2017 total) a year, so let’s get matching … starting with today’s dividend.


Medtronic (MDT) is involved in a very important line of work: extending life for an aging global population. The company, headquartered in Ireland, researches and develops different medical technologies aimed toward alleviating pain and restoring health.

I own one share, which I picked up for $76.01 back in February 2017. Today, that share is worth about $85.

Including today’s $0.46 payment, the share’s earned me a combined $1.81 in dividend income over the course of the last year or so. The first quarterly payment I received was for $0.43 while each of the last three were for the current quarterly amount.

It was the 32nd dividend I’ve received so far this month – a number far greater than last January’s. My January dividend income, which I told you is just north of $18 so far, is already about $10 more than I earned all of last January.

Looking at its financials, I like Medtronic quite a bit right now. It’s grown its EPS by 85% (last quarter verses the same quarter from the previous year), has a profit margin of 28.61% and a relatively low debt/capital ratio of 35.29%.

The dividend is pretty decent, too. The $1.84 annualized payment represents a 2.12% yield at today’s prices. It’s grown its dividend at an annualized rate of 15% over the course of the last three years and has boosted its dividend each year for four decades. With a payout ratio hovering around 50%, Medtronic should be able to sustain that growth, too.

That’s all for now, folks. Check back tomorrow for another update. I’ll add to my portfolio one way or another. I will … I have to stick to this resolution this time.

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