Today’s purchase: Ford

I consider any day I earn a dividend AND create future dividends a good day. Today was one such day. Not only did I get a little somethin’ in the dividend department, but I also increased my forward annual divi income by a cool $6 thanks to doubling my Ford (F) position.

Today’s Purchase: 10 shares of Ford for $116.59

Ford hasn’t been on many people’s list of favorite stocks. The company has been trading sideways for what seems like forever while its competition has been flat out leaving it in the dust. General Motors (GM) is up 20% over the last year or so. Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) is up over 100% over that time and Ford, well, Ford is down 4%.

Womp, womp, right?

It kinda sucks to be Ford these days. It missed on earnings and people aren’t happy about it. Everyone loves to hate Ford and believe me, I get it.

At the same time, while it sucks to be Ford, I think it’s a pretty decent time to be a Ford investor. I don’t like that the company missed on earnings and lowered guidance, but I do like the price. Of the 140-plus companies in my Dividend Farm, it was one of the three worst performers when the market opened for business this morning. I saw that as an opportunity to double my position and average down in the process. I bought 10 shares for $116.59 ($11.66/share), boosting my position to 20 shares at an average cost of $11.97.

Listen, Ford isn’t going anywhere and, if anything, is gaining momentum as a major player in the future of the automotive and transportation industries. Most people don’t care about that because they have no patience, but what are you going to do? Just today it announced the acquisitions of Autonomic and TransLoc to continue to develop its mobility business. These are things that will drive Ford to profitability in the future. At the very least it’ll make the company more competitive.

I don’t know how long it will be before the company breaks out of this little tailspin it’s in, but I’m obviously banking on it happening one day or another. Until then, I’m happy to stockpile shares while collecting the sweet 5% dividend. Oh, and don’t forget about the occasional special dividend, either.

On the topic of dividends …

Today’s Dividend: General Electric

General Electric (GE) has been one of the most talked about stocks of the past year. It’s been absolutely pathetic, but, thankfully I only have three shares. Those shares, which earned me $0.72 back in October, only managed to earn me $0.36 this quarter. That’s what a 50% dividend cut will do to a fella, but it is what it is.

I’m not selling my shares because, aside from the fact I almost never sell shares of any company, I think it has a chance to make something of itself down the road. The company has profitable parts to it (aviation), but has a lot of work to do before it’s a lean, mean profit-making machine.

Today was the fourth straight day I received a dividend, made a purchase or managed to do both. Monday featured a $0.46 divi from Medtronic, Tuesday was highlighted by adding a share of Whirlpool to my portfolio, Wednesday included more than $5 worth of dividends thanks it large part to Cisco and today was, well, you just read about what today was all about.

I’ve managed to keep my steak alive since setting the a goal to earn a dividend or increase my forward annual dividend income each and every day the market is open. The streak’s at four days – days in which I’ve earned a combined $6.07 worth of dividends and increased my forward annual dividend income by $10.40.

Baby steps, right?

March on!

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