Today’s dividend: Sysco

You know what I love most about boring stocks? The boring ones are the most dependable. Look at Sysco (SYY), which was responsible for passing along the one and only dividend I received today. The company doesn’t blow you away with its earnings and growth, its products aren’t flashy, funky or futuristic, but the food it passes along to restaurants, hospitals, schools and hotels is anything but insignificant. Those place wouldn’t be able to do what they do without Sysco and, well, the company has been as dependable to shareholders as it’s been to its clients over the years.


The $0.36 dividend from Sysco was my sixth of the week. I also earned a divi from Medtroic (MDT) on Monday, a bit of pocket change from Quest Diagnostics (DGX), Cisco (CSCO) and Comcast (CMCSA) on Wednesday and little more passive income from General Electric (GE) yesterday.

I wouldn’t be able to buy a combo meal at most fast food places with the $6.43 this week’s dividends add up to, but the consistency is key. Instead of using the money to buy a burger, it’ll be reinvested so, next year at this time, I might be able to blog about a weekly dividend haul of $12. Twenty years from now that number may jump close to $100 … maybe even $200.

Man, $200 a week in dividend income would be sweet.

It can happen. Sysco is proof. The company started paying dividends in 1970 and, get this, has boosted that dividend every single year since. That’s 47 consecutive years of raises.

The company shells out an annualized dividend of $1.44, which represents a 2.25% yield and 65.45% payout ratio. It manages to reinvest money in the company, too. Earnings per share have been on the rise (up 18.97% last quarter verses the same quarter from the previous year) and, well, it’s all just business as usual for Sysco.

I bought my one and only share for $52.80 and that share’s earned me $1.35 of dividend income. It’s appreciated by about $10, too (20.62%). I know, I know … Sysco isn’t Amazon or Facebook, but it’s profitable and it’s well run.

I need more stocks like Sysco in my portfolio.

Any of you own Sysco? Yes, no, maybe so? Either way, have a good weekend!

March on!

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