Today’s dividends: Xerox, Gap and Chase

The streak is still alive, people. Each of the last eight days the market’s been open, I’ve either earned a dividend or made a purchase. Today’s dividends weren’t anything special – a combined $1.04 from Xerox, Gap and Chase – but they did put the finishing touches on what turned out to be a pretty special month.

I earned a combined $35.74 from 42 different companies in January. That total might not seem like much, but it’s a full 333% more than the $8.25 I earned last January.

Yeah … 333%!

Here’s a closer look at the month’s final three dividends:


Xerox (XRX) passed along a $0.25 dividend for the one share I own. I opened a position back in August, picking up a share for $32.70.

I jumped on board because the company, which provides document management solutions worldwide, offered a yield of more than 3% and was finally starting to make some money.

The yield is still above 3% and EPS has been slowly increasing, but the stock honestly hadn’t done much since I added it to my Dividend Farm … until today. It jumped $1.45 (4.44%) on the news it was going to give Fujifilm majority control. Now, I’d be lying if I told you I know what that means for the stock (or for me as a shareholder). The fact it spiked a bit has to be good, though. The new company will be called Fuji Xerox, so I hear, and a $2.5 billion cash dividend will be paid to current Xerox shareholders under the deal. I’d gladly take all $2.5 billion, but, since I only own one share, I’ll probably get significantly less.


GAP (GPS), which threw a $0.23 divided my way, is one of my retail plays. It was pretty cheap when I picked up my one and only share for $28.29 back in September. With a P/E ratio hovering around 15, it’s still relatively cheap today … and that’s with the 17.5% its share price has appreciated since the fall.


Chase (JPM) is a bank. Duh … you knew that. That said, like seemingly every publicly-traded bank known to man, it’s been on an absolute tear of late. My share has earned me a combined $2.12 since I purchased it for $65.52 in the summer of 2016. The dividend was $0.56 each of the last two quarters and $0.50 the first two in which I was a shareholder. That one share has also ballooned to a value of $115.90, which is about $50 more than what I bought it for. Nothing like a 76.89% increase over the course of the last year and half, right?

March on!

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