Today’s dividends: record $13.37 from 7 companies

Nothing says welcome to February like a double-digit dividend haul, am I right?

Maybe that’s just me, but come on … the month doesn’t exactly offer a ton of excitement for those of us in the Midwest. It’s cold and the sun doesn’t make too many appearances. We have Valentine’s Day I guess, but that’s nothing more than a Hallmark Holiday. I try and treat everyday like Valentine’s Day anyway. My wife expects me to be nice and sweet and all that jazz all the time. If I waited until one special day a year she probably wouldn’t have stuck around as long as she has.

The start of February also means the Super Bowl is upon us, which is kinda cool. It’s always a good time, but, as a fan of the Cleveland Browns, I’m pretty much over football by the second week of the season. At least I have the commercials to look forward to … and the food.

Anyway, February typically isn’t my favorite month of the year. This February, though, has me pretty pumped … at least from an investing standpoint. One day in and I’ve already received $13.37 in dividends – a new single-day record.

Today’s Dividends

AT&T sent $7.50 ($0.50/share) my way for the 15 shares I owned on the most recent ex-dividend date. It’s one of the biggest positions in my Dividend Farm as my now 17 shares (I bought a few the other day) make up about 4% of my portfolio.

The same 15 shares earned me $7.35 last quarter, which means this quarter’s payment represents a 2% raise. It ain’t much, but I’ll take it.

Verizon tossed $2.95 ($0.59/share) my way for the five shares I own … a number I’m thinking about boosting here in the near future. My wife and I are on the Verizon network and we’ve been pretty happy with it. We almost never have any issues, no matter where we are, and I think it’s a good long-term investment with all this talk of connected cities and 5G.

Considering I already pay the company once a month, I figure I might as well buy a share or two as well. That way, each month I pay Verizon, Verizon will pay me back a bit when it comes time to pass along the quarterly dividend.

I received a nice $0.80 dividend for the one share of Raytheon I own. The defense and security company has been a great investment for me since I added it to my portfolio back in August of 2016. It increased its quarterly dividend by $0.07 a few quarters back and don’t even get me started on the capital gains. The stock is up more than 50% over the last year and a half.

My other four dividends came from Darden Restarants ($0.63), Deere ($0.60), General Mills ($0.49) and Bristol-Myers Squibb ($0.40). I own one share of each.

I’ll probably take the $13.37 from today and buy a share of Ford to continue the compounding. The faster I get the money back into the market to earn more money the better.

March on!

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