Today’s dividends: CVS and Foot Locker

Well, that was fun. We had ourselves a good-ol’-fashioned selloff for the first time in what seems like forever. The DOW shed 665 points, the NASDAQ was down, the S&P 500 was down and my portfolio followed suit, dropping by about 2%. I’d imagine yours was down, too. All but seven of the 140-plus companies in my Dividend Farm were in the red. It was just one of those days. They happen. Fortunately, though, I earned a pair of dividends to soften the blow a bit. Thanks for making the bitter pill that was today’s selloff a little easier to swallow, CVS and Foot Locker.

I earned a combined $3.93 in dividend income today, bringing my February total to $17.30 … and we’re just two days in. I earned at least one dividend every day this week (Monday-Friday), including yesterday’s single-day record haul.

Anyway, as mentioned above, today’s dividends came from CVS and Foot Locker.


CVS Health Corporation (CVS) passed along a cool $3 ($0.50 a share) for the six shares I own. It’s the most the company’s ever paid me thanks to a purchase I made in October. The stock slipped a bit (you remember the Amazon rumors, right?) and I jumped on the opportunity to get a share for $68.82.

I currently have six shares at an average cost of $77.36. Anyway, I had five shares each of the last three quarters – shares which earned me quarterly divi payments of $2.50 – so it’s nice to see that number growing.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker (FL) also dished out a bigger dividend this time around: $0.93 ($0.31 a share) for the three shares I own. Just like with CVS, the jump was created from a recent purchase. After seeing the stock absolutely tank, slipping from the $70 range to under $30, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to average down. I was some $40 in the hole, so I picked up two shares for $29.96 apiece back in November.

Turns out, at least for now, that was a pretty good move. The turnaround was almost immediate and, even with today’s 1.69% drop, the stock is trading at $48.38 a share. That probably doesn’t mean a ton to you, but it’s huge for me. You see, it took a position that was down $40 and flipped it to one that’s actually making me money. Overall, my small, three-share Foot Locker position is up 6.19%. Considering where it was, I’ll take that all day long.

Last quarter, Foot Locker paid me $0.31 for my one share, so again, I’m happy with the increase.

Combined, Foot Locker and CVS paid me $1.12 more this quarter than last (39% more!!!).

That’s all for now. Hope the market wasn’t too hard on you today. At least we have the weekend to recover, right? Who ya got in the Super Bowl?

March on!


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  • Denna Little
    1 year ago

    I was a little excited about the drop. Stocks I had bought at deals are better deals now. I have been watching the futures and tomorrow looks to be another sell-off. I an going to lower my cash position on a few of my stocks which will increase my dividends. Good times……

    • Absolutely. That’s the way to do it. As a young-ish Investor, I’m more interested in accumulating shares than whether or not my portfolio is going up or down. Dips allow me to buy more! Have fun shopping!

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