Today’s dividends: Clorox, General Dynamics, Nucor and American Express

The market has been all over the place lately. But, you know what they say: volatility is the spice of life. Or is it variety? Anyway, with the market doing somersaults, it’s nice to have the predictability of dividends stabilizing things a bit. I received four today, getting payments from Clorox, General Dynamics, Nucor and American Express.


Clorox (CLX) paid me $0.84 for the one share I own. That share, which I bought almost exactly a year ago (Feb. 8, 2017) was doing quite nicely – up as high as $150 – until joining the broader market in what can only be described as a nose dive over the course of the last week. It’s struggling to stay over $125 today, but the dividend, well, the dividend has been rock-solid.

Today’s payment was my fourth from Clorox. The first was for $0.80 while each of the last three were for the current quarterly amount.

Clorox, which currently has an annualized dividend of $3.36 (2.63% yield), has been boosting its payout for 41 consecutive years, most recently at an annual rate of 5.69% over the course of the last five.

General Dynamics

General Dynamics (GD), an aerospace and defense company, was also nice enough to hand me an $0.84 dividend for the one share I own. It was my third payment from the company.

While the dividend is literally identical in terms of the actual amount it pays per share, General Dynamics and Clorox have very different payouts. General Dynamics’, for one, offers a much lower yield because the share price is so much higher. It also doesn’t have the track record. General Dynamics has bumped its payment for each of the last four years, but nowhere close to the 41 Clorox can brag about. Fortunately, though, that boost has been pretty decent, averaging more than 10% annually each of the last three years.


Nucor (NUE), a steel company, paid me a $0.38 dividend for the one share I own. That share hasn’t done much as its current price tag is slightly lower than the $62.28 I bought it for, but the dividend has been consistent.

Nucor’s dividend has been rising for eight straight years, but only at an annualized rate of 0.67% for the last five, which is pretty pathetic. I’m planning on holding the stock for awhile, but I won’t be adding anytime soon unless the growth rate or yield (2.52%) grows.

American Express

American Express (AXP) handed me a $0.35 dividend today. I own one share, but that share has done well since I scooped it up last February. It’s paid me four dividends – two for $0.32 and two for $0.35 – and appreciated by 14% or so.

American Express has a yield of about 1.58% and has raised its dividend for six straight years at an average of more than 10%.

Week at a glance

I received a $0.75 dividend from PNC on Monday and created $3.96 worth of forward annual dividend income thanks to purchases of Proctor & Gamble and Ford on Tuesday. Wednesday’s $0.41 dividend from Lowe’s and purchase of IBM added to those numbers. I then bought two shares of Wingstop Thursday before today’s combined $2.41 of dividend income smoothed out the week.

In all, I earned $3.57 in dividend income and increased my forward annual income by $10.52. Those are the numbers I care about … not the wild swings in overall portfolio value I’ve seen this week.

March on!

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