Today’s dividends: combined $8.42 from 10 companies

Today was the type of day, as a dividend addict, I simply can’t have enough of. I earned a solid $8.42 in dividends from a combined 10 different companies, which, if you read the title of this post, you already know.

The $8.42 bumped my February total to $37.39 and my 2018 mark to $73.13, which, if you saw the pic accompanying this post, you also already know. I’m inching closer to hitting a quarter of the total dividends I collected last year ($355.63) … and we’re only a month and a half in.

Here’s a closer look at today’s dividends:


Paychex (PAYX) passed along a $1.50 ($0.50/share) payment for the three shares I own. I love the company, which handles payroll, human resources, insurance and benefits for small and medium-sized business. Its divi has a yield over 3% and has been rising at an average of 9.57% over the course of the last three years.

Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble (PG) is down 8% in the last month. Anyone else smell a buying opportunity? I did, recently doubling my stake (going from one share to two) by picking up a share for $81.36 a week or so ago. That share didn’t earn me a dividend this quarter, but the other one I owned did: a $0.69 payment.

PG is just a great dividend stock. The yield is closing in on 3.5% and the company has been raising its dividend for 64 straight years. Those numbers speak for themselves.

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers

Tanger (SKT), like pretty much all REITs, has been taking an absolute beating lately. It’s down 30% over the course of the last year, with about half of that coming in the last month. It’s still paying its nearly-6% dividend, though, which I guess is half the battle. I own three shares – shares which earned me $1.37 today ($0.34/share).


AbbVie (ABBV) tossed a $2.13 dividend ($0.71/share) my way … all for owning three shares. I appreciate the dividend, but, honestly the pleasure has been all mine. The three shares, which I purchased at an average cost of $63.35, have appreciated by a combined $156.15 (82.16%).

As if that’s not enough to keep me interested, this quarter’s payment, at least to me, was a full $0.21 higher than last quarter’s, meaning the company raised its payout by $0.07 a share between this quarter and last. That’s pretty impressive as well.

I also earned a $0.19 dividend from Hormel (HRL), a $0.57 payment from Hasbro (HAS), $0.63 from Apple (AAPL), $0.28 from Abbot (ABT), $0.40 from Colgate (CL) and $0.66 from Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI).

This week so far

I earned a combined $4.09 in dividend income from Wingstop and MMP yesterday, bought a share of AT&T (T) Tuesday, creating $2 of forward annual dividend income, and earned a combined  $1.57 in dividends from Air Products & Chemicals and Texas Instruments on Monday.

In other words, it’s been a pretty good week so far. Hope you’ve had a good one as well.

March on!

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