Today’s dividends: Starbucks, Citi and more

Nearly 40 companies – 37 to be exact – have paid me so far this month. That includes the five that tossed a combined $3.80 my way today: Starbucks, Citi, Williams-Sonomoa, Capital One and Oritani Financial Corp.


Starbucks (SBUX) awarded me a $0.30 dividend for the one share I own. I’ve owned it for more than a year now and it’s done exactly nothing. By nothing I mean appreciated by a buck or so. Fortunately, the dividend hasn’t been stuck in park. Starbucks has been boosting its dividend for seven straight years, most recently by $0.05 a quarter (20% raise) a couple quarters ago.


My one share of Citi (C) earned me a $0.32 dividend for the third straight quarter. I don’t know what the company has in store for its next dividend hike, but the last one was an impressive 100% boost ($0.16/share quarterly to $0.32/share quarterly). Considering the fact the current divi has been consistent for awhile now, we should get wind of a potential boost in another quarter or two. I doubt another 100% boost is in the cards, but who knows?


Williams-Sonoma (WSM) hooked me up with a $0.78 dividend ($0.39/share) for my pair of shares. I’ve now been paid four times from the company, which has been growing its dividend for eight consecutive years. Considering all four of those payments have been the same, it looks like good-ol’ WSM will have to hand out a raise next quarter if it wants to keep that streak alive.

Capital One (COF) and Oritani Financial (ORIT) round out the list. They paid me a combined $2.40 – $0.40 for my single share of Capital One and $2 ($0.25/share) for the eight shares of Oritani I own. Oritani is the more intriguing of the two, at least to me, because it has a dividend yield of better than 6%. Not too many financials I’ve run across have yields that high and, on top of that, the company has been paying a special dividend for the last six years.

This week’s steps

This week was another steady one for me. Today’s dividends, coupled with Tuesday’s $0.10 payment from American Airlines and Monday’s $0.60 divi from MDC, gave me a total of $4.50 in passive income for the week. I also picked up a share of AvalonBay Communities, which boosted my forward annual dividend income by $5.88.

Last week’s steps

I hauled in a $8.42 in dividends from 10 different companies Thursday, earned a combined $4.09 in dividend income from Wingstop and MMP Wednesday, bought a share of AT&T (T) Tuesday and earned a combined  $1.57 in dividends from Air Products & Chemicals and Texas Instruments on Monday.

Coupled with Friday’s purchase – a share of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – I earned $14.08 in dividend income while increasing my forward annual dividend income by $7.20 last week alone.

March on!

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  • Hey Steady Saver, looks like a nice sprinkling of dividends you’re getting this month! I’m sure one day if you keep this up it will become a downpour 🙂

    Cheers, Frankie

    • I sure hope you’re right. Haha. The sprinkle started as an almost unnoticeable trickle, so I’m making a bit of progress already. Thanks for the comment, Frankie!

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