Today’s dividends: Fastenal and Lazard

Earning dividends never gets old. Either does writing about them … or reading about them, right?


OK, OK, I’m sure some of you might think I can get a little redundant, but I’ve found tracking dividends to be extremely useful in terms of staying on top of my investments. With 100-plus companies in my portfolio, I would lose my mind if I took a look at what each one was doing all the time. Instead, I honestly try not to pay too much attention. Kind of tune out until I receive a dividend, ya know. Today, for example, I got payments from Fastenal and Lazard.

That said, no better time than the present to take a closer look …


Fastenal (FAST) passed along a $0.37 payment for the one share I own – a share I picked up for $42.80 last summer. It’s up 30% since.

Today’s dividend was the third I’ve received from the company. The first two were each for $0.32, so this one marks a solid $0.05 quarterly raise. The boost, which works out to a 15.6% bump, increases my forward annual dividend income by a smooth $0.20.

Fastenal’s current $1.48 annualized dividend comes complete with a 2.68% yield and 63.68% payout ratio, meaning it should be able to raise its dividend for years to come … something it’s done for each of the last four.


Lazard (LAZ) is a global asset management firm. Today’s payment – a combined $1.71 featuring a $1.30 special dividend on top of the regular $0.41 quarterly payment – was the third I’ve received from the company.

Lazard, in addition the special dividends its been known to throw around, has a pretty solid regular dividend to begin with. The $1.64 annualized payment represents a 3.08% yield at today’s price.

This week’s steps

Today marked the second straight day I’ve earned at least one dividend to start the week. Yesterday’s divi was a small $0.72 payment from Royal Bank of Canada. In all, I’ve received $2.80 in dividend income so far this week. I’m up to nearly $45 for the month and just cracked the $80 mark for the year.

Last week’s steps

Last week was another steady one for me. Friday’s dividends, coupled with Tuesday’s $0.10 payment from American Airlines and Monday’s $0.60 divi from MDC, gave me a total of $4.50 in passive income for the week. I also picked up a share of AvalonBay Communities, which boosted my forward annual dividend income by $5.88.

March on!



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